Why Would You Want to Live Longer?

Why Would You Want to Live Longer?
Dr Daisy Sutherland

And welcome to the second and final day of Dr Mommy’s visit here at ABC Simple As …  Its great to have her drop by … find out more about Dr Daisy Sutherland below:

“Why does it seem that we are obsessed with living longer? Have you ever watched the infomercials out? They seem to all be targeted to losing weight, and looking younger!!!

Do we really need the quick fix? Unfortunately it seems like we do…or one would think so because of all the commercials, infomercials and ads out on the market.

Do We Want To Live Longer

What we should be concerned with is our health, not what we look like on the outside but what we are like on the inside.

It may be wonderful to look thin and slim and wrinkle-free but truly how healthy are we?

Actually to be honest with you, although a person may look thin it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy.  And our skin needs some fat in it to keep it looking healthy, not thin and wrinkly looking.

We need to worry about the food we eat and the amount; the types of food and the amount of exercise.

That is truly the only way to stay healthy!! Sure, we want the quick fix, but honestly how long did it take for us to get to the weight that we are? How can we possibly lose it over night? It is almost near impossible!

The time is now to re-evaluate our lives and if we truly want to live longer and healthier, look at how we live.
It is impossible to live longer and healthier if we…

  1. eat fast foods
  2. smoke
  3. drink alcohol
  4. don’t exercise
  5. don’t sleep enough hours (at least 7-8 hours per night)
  6. don’t reduce stress in our lives
  7. don’t take action today!!!

It isn’t as hard as you may think! Making the right choices requires discipline and consistency. It is not difficult to choose fruit instead of candy, or veggies instead of potato chips   Make the effort to plan your meals ahead of time and shop accordingly.

It’s amazing how this works and it will also save you money 🙂

The time is now to make the change in your life!! No one else will do it, but you!!!

I have all the confidence in the world that if you truly want to live your life healthy you can do it!!!

Thank You

Let me end this post by saying thank you to Jane for being such a gracious host during my stop here for the Dr Mommy’s Healthy For the Holidays Blog Tour. I truly hope that the readers enjoy what I share.

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Thanks for letting me be the blogger who talks health for a couple of days!!

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About the Author

Dr. Daisy Sutherland, is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Mommy, LLC.  She is a doctor by profession, devoted wife and mom to 5 beautiful children.  She is a speaker, writer, and motivational coach/mentor and Health/Wellness advocate. Her passion is to help others to live happier and healthier lives. Dr. Mommy’s dedication to help families is evident from her work online and offline but more importantly it is evident from the energy she exudes when talking about her true passion.  Dr. Mommy’s mission is to help families in health, wealth and sanity.  For more information about Dr. Mommy and her mission visit her today at http://drmommyhelpsmoms.com or http://drmommyhealthtips.com

Thank you Daisy!

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