Here’s to Your Prosperity in 2010!

Prosperity for ALL # 1

Lets define the word … Prosperity …

The Cambridge Advanced online dictionary states the following … A country’s future prosperity depends, to an extent, upon the quality of education of its people.

Now there’s a posting in of itself and perhaps best left to another day …

For me Prosperity has a couple of ‘associations’.  Firstly its a word that seems especially seasonal and appropriate for the time of year .  But likewise, as an EFT practitioner, I hear it in relation to the Law of Attraction and this is how I’d like to explore it today.

What do we think about the Law of Attraction and how much do we believe that we hold the key to our own prosperity? Perhaps some believe its in the hands of fate and others believe we are the key-master to our own destiny.

Prosperity Consciousness

Over the last 9-months or so I’ve listened to and partaken of some courses in a variety of formats on the topic … They were mostly advertised along the lines of what The Secret failed to tell us … and we all loved The Secret right?  I think what it did was point us in the direction of stepping up to take better ownership.   After all if there’s no-one to blame and its up to us to simply ‘get on with IT’, then we may as well make a good job of it as opposed to wasting energy with poor attempts.  However the film did fail to point out some important steps about how we get from Where We Are Right Now to Where We Want To Be when We Dare to Dream Big Enough.

More recently I’ve been listening to Fredric Lehrman’s CD set that I bought through those lovely people at Nightingale Conant, up there among the market leaders in providing some good quality Personal Development materials.  You can take a look here.

Lehrman has a very pleasant, calm voice and much to say on the subject …  And although it was recorded many years ago … its still highly relevant … More on that another time as I plan to put a review on here so you can check it out for yourself.

Over the next week or so I’ll share some of these assertions alongside other findings I’ve discovered over the last few years.

For today I’d like you to consider the areas of your life where you feel you have wonderful Abundance almost to the point of bursting and conversely take a note of any areas of Lack that you would like to address and bring alongside the more successful aspects of your life.

Abundance and Lack

Areas to consider are:

  • Career and Business (courses / networking / planning for success)
  • Communication (being a good listener requires more than hearing)
  • Family (spending quality time to actively engage with a family member so they feel valued and heard)
  • Finances
  • Fitness (building on your optimum health with personal challenges)
  • Health (maintaining optimum health through sensible eating and regular exercise)
  • Hobbies
  • Paying it forward (contributing to your local, national or global society without expecting something in return)
  • Personal Development (any trainings / courses taken voluntarily to advance you personally or professionally)
  • Playfulness (child-like rather than childish)
  • Relationships (life partner)
  • Social

Perhaps scale them from 1 to 10 where 1 is a complete lack and 10 is overflowing with success in that area …  And just to put a perspective on it … its okay if your numbers are lower than you’d like … Let that be an incentive to make some great strides towards your life goals in 2010 🙂

And if you’re keen to find more information about Lehrman’s CD series then check out Prosperity Consciousness here

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