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Joan Sotkin – Build your Money Muscle # 3

Have you come across Joan Sotkin’s book Build Your Money Muscles?  As the name playfully implies, its a workout for your finances and continuing with the New Year New Start philosophy – I’m introducing it as another reference that to draw on when making that all important decision … especailly in the New Year … to begin a new pattern of behaviour around money.   This will help engage with money differently  and break old patterns and it’ll help you lay some new habits that will bring about big changes throughout the coming year, provided you stick to them.

The book is broken into 2-parts and a final synopsis and there are 9-habits to take you from zero to hero (in your own eyes) especially if money has never been a strong point.

Sotkin similar to Lehrman, shows us that when we spend money without engaging with the emotion around the transaction, which is so common now where our society makes so many purchases with a credit and debit card as this process removes the emotional connection between seeing something we’d like and the actual purchase.  In the past there would have been an interim period of thought where we’d discern if we:

  1. really needed it
  2. could really afford it

And of course in the past we didn’t spend beyond our means (or beyond what we held in our bank accounts and a cautiously applied for overdraft).

Now its a given and yes society is different and so is western consumerism – like never before in history and some are not that great at handling it.

Money Muscle Preparation – Part 1

The first part is Preparation for Financial Change …  And these break down into 4-exercises …

  • Conditioning Yourself for Change
  • Developing Financial Awareness
  • Identifying Financial Patterns and Underlying Emotional Themes
  • Setting Attainable Goals

This part is laced with practical advice, exercises and the identification of age-old patterns of learned behaviours around your finances.  It helps identify emotional aspects and how to overcome them.  Of course a little tapping never goes amiss among all of these great exercises to overcome any unhelpful learned responses in this all too easily overlooked aspect of dealing with money and finances.

Taking Action by Building those New Money Muscles – Part 2

  • Replacing Unproductive Financial Thoughts
  • Adopting Functional Financial Beliefs
  • Cultivating Healthy Money Feelings
  • Establishing Responsible Financial Behaviours
  • Improving Your Relationship with Yourself and Others

This part deals with the action aspect and taking you on from where you are to where you want to be by adopting new patterns of behaviour.  And again tapping to overcome any resistance or procrastination in these areas is a great tool to make that happen, quickly and easily.

That age old saying – if you always do, what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  You are the change in your life, and unless you commit to it then all the wishing in the world won’t make any difference to your outer world or your inner feelings.

The concluding part of the book talks about maintaining your new found financial status in order to maintain the patterns and reach any long-term financial goals on your way to financial freedom, and it sounds good doesn’t it Financial Freedom.

Check out the book Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money and look out for next week when we start to introduce some Prosperity sessions to work on your Prosperity goals for 2010.

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