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Its time to get your New Year off to a Kick-Start and in the spirit of the January Sales I’d like to offer you a 1-hour consultation absolutely Free-of-Charge so that you can try it before you buy it.  This gives you an opportunity to work with me privately and address something that you feel holds you back from living your ideal life, it may be one thing, it may be several, but whatever it is it may well be having a domino impact on other areas in your life.  Are you ready to make the leap!

What is it good for?

The range is broad and includes all that you may expect and much more, such as:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Depression
  • Pain control
  • Phobias
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships
  • Stop Smoking
  • Stress
  • Wealth
  • Weight Control

This gives you a great opportunity to bring an issue forward that you’d really like to sort out in 2010, but have been fearful to address, or felt stuck.  On the other hand, you may well be motivated to sort things out but a little wary of the techniques and whether they will work for you.  Have you worked with someone before and it didn’t quite ‘work’ and you questioned whether it was you or them?

Let me reassure you, those are common concerns, but the techniques are becoming better known and appreciated, and they work provided you’re willing and want to make it happen for your own reasons.  If you ‘try’ to make change for someone else, it won’t work unless you are congruent with wanting that change too, like stopping smoking for example.

The techniques are easy to learn and you’ll become your own expert and able to apply them in other areas of your life going forwards.

Are you ready for a New You in 2010?

Does this resonate with you, then lets have a chat, book an appointment and you’ll have a full 1-hr consultation absolutely ‘Free of Charge’ 🙂 … and an opportunity to try it first and move forward in whatever has been holding you back from living the life you know you deserve.

Working over the telephone is as powerful as face-to-face and people particularly like it because of the privacy and convenience.  Thereafter you’ll chose from other methods if you prefer although once you’ve tried the telephone you’ll discover the benefits and will most likely continue with it, if not then chose from:

  • Face to face
  • Over the Internet (Skype)
  • At your home


These techniques do not require long sessions spent talking over the past.  Instead at ABC Simple As … the approach is solution-focused, and far more interested in getting you where you want to be, rather than how an issue came about.

This means you will change unwanted habits easily and quickly.  And because it’s fast people often wonder why they held off for so long!


The World Health Organization (WHO) states overall health is about maintaining balance in the areas of your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social well-being.  As we all know life can be hectic and it’s easy enough to ‘wobble’, it happens to the best of us 🙂

What have you been putting off?

As a Holistic Health Practice, the purpose here at ABC Simple As … is to help you to alleviate life’s anxieties by sharing some dynamic tools that allow you personal freedom.  People are surprised at just how quickly a shift occurs.  And you’ll know when your treatment is complete because you’ll see, feel and notice the difference.

Tell me more …

If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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