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How To Quit Smoking
The Wild One 1953

We often take up smoking to fit in with our peers, especially while at school.  Its conceived by some as being hip and schoolchildren are the largest group to take up smoking.

When Do We Start Smoking

Some recent and startling statistics revealed here, show that in the UK by ages 12-13-yrs 31% of kids had tried smoking, and by ages 14-15 yrs is almost double at 59%. There are also mumblings that subliminal advertising is aimed at the teen girl market implying that smoking keeps you slim.

How Cool Is It To Start Smoking?

Back in the day smoking played a large part in the movies, especially between the two world wars and then afterwards when youth culture really began to take-off. In 1953 when Marlon Brando played the first sexual screen idol/rebel in the filmThe Wild One

It made a hero of and helped launch the bad boy image (as we know it today), then James Dean took up the baton, in the three films that established him (before his early demise) as the indolent adolescent that imitators fail to capture. 

The anti-establishment rights-of-passage examples we’ve seen time and again since, provide a screen image for displaced youth who can display anything from dire vulnerability through to sheer arrogance/ And whatever your first cigarette story is – telling the tale of how you first started – it certainly becomes an expensive, fairly non-glamorous habit as time goes by.

When To Stop

The Anti-Smoking Law introduced in the UK in July 2007, has seen an increase in the numbers of people quitting the habit, as it’s becoming more challenging to have a smoke in a public area, for example your local pub, which is not such fun, out in the cold, in the dead of winter.

And once you stop you can look forward to breathing normally again, reducing aches and pains that often inhabit a smoker’s body, gain more clarity and reclaim your taste buds.

My Story

I know I tried for a long long time and then one day I was ill, I went to a dinner party that culminated in giving away my remaining cigarettes and lighter, a first for sure.

And stranger still, I didn’t have one bout of craving, so what was different? I knew I was moving across the country later that year (1996) and was visiting family in the area I was moving to, and during that weekend I started with yet another chest infection and something inside of me said … no more!

And that was it!

If I was asked what components contributed towards that and how it differed from every other time I’d stopped, I just wouldn’t be able to place it, apart from the timing, because this was just right for me and I haven’t looked back or had any regrets. This was because I’d attempted it about 30-times and back then I’d not discovered the techniques I making change in my life now and personally it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The Stop Smoking Options

Every year the UK has a Stop Smoking day which they promote beforehand in an effort to gather national support for smokers to quit and become free of the habit.

What are the options when it comes to stop smoking, well here in the UK there are a range of ways to do it through the NHS or the chemist.

  • Patches
  • Fake cigarettes (to draw on)
  • Quit Kit

Side Effects

People worry most about the side effects of cravings and whether they’ll replace one unhelpful habit for another, which happens all too often. But it’s where the techniques I use are so handy because we deal with the underlying habit that drives a need to turn to substances, albeit alcohol, food, shopping, etc.

However, the good news is the quick-change techniques used here are excellent for releasing the tracks and triggers of a habit, that help unravel it’s grip.

The Smoking Habit

These habits are born out of a reaction to stressful situations/relationships, and are poor coping strategies as they turn on us with avengence. Therefore, stopping smoking is a great time to dig out those drivers so they no longer trigger you in the first place.

Is this something that has been affecting you? Did you give it a go on the Stop Smoking Day but ditched it and resumed normal service by getting back to the cigarettes. I for one know how comforting cigarettes can be, and it may be the only peace and quiet you get but if your health is being affected, if your kids look at you with those pleading eyes, begging you to stop (because they worry) and you really would like to stop but just can’t imagine it would work for you, then drop a line into the contact form and arrange a chat.

It can be done, it’s much easier than you think and these techniques allow you to address everything you need to become a Non-Smoker!


  1. I quit smoking 5 years ago using a 7 step program. the 7 steps were actually just pieces of methods I tried and failed at many times before. this time I took all the best ideas and combined them.

  2. Hi thanks for your comment …

    I agree there are various ways to change well anything (when you think about it). I share techniques that I’ve learned and love because of how quickly they can make the difference … and free us from habits and behaviours that have held us back from living the best life there is … 🙂


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