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Living Energy Secrets

I started listening to Debra Thompson’s Living Energy Secrets online telesimeinar’s over the Easter weekend.  Even though I’d been subscribed to her list for a while I’d not been paying them much attention, and as ‘usually’ happens I began listening when I was ready lol!

I’ve since heard 4 or 5 programmes and they have a set format – which I rather like as you know what to expect and quickly get used to what’s expected of you as the listener.   Debra has very good presentational skills, she is clear and clean with that wonderful American ability to say what needs saying in as succinct a way as possible.  She smoothly intersects the call around 2-3 times during, what is usually an hour long call, to get newly joined listeners up to speed on the speaker and their promotional package and I’ve not felt it overpowering the content of the call at all.  The guest speaker announces a Special Offer to their latest product, the discounts vary and as far as I can tell the guest’s offer remains available throughout the entire series (unless otherwise specified at the time).

The guest offers a free gift as standard practice … and for this you need to exchange your email by signing up to their list.   Its fairly standard practice online and I’ve yet to be flooded with information from anyone so that’s okay.

The freebie then comes in the usual format of a download and I’ve found that the quality of what’s offered can vary.  Some have enough information to build something worthwhile onto your existing knowledge, others take a more direct sales approach and the freebie may simply act as a link to an up-sell without imparting very much.

I happen to like a valuable freebie, as it gives me a good sense of the giver, I have a good nose for quality give-aways, and appreciate the thought given to such a package, as it also gives an insite into their marketing savvy.  What can I say I like being sold to by someone with a sense of the fun that can be drawn from the experience  🙂 … which means I appreciate being sold to ‘well’.

Debra sends a 48-hour replay recording and this is how I listen to them, as my time-zone is not compatible with the live broadcast.  But there are no Q&A’s on the calls, so that doesn’t affect anything at all.

If this is of interest to you … check out and sign up for them with Debra Thompson at – this is not an affiliate link, its just a simple recommendation from me to you.  And I hope I’ve got this right … they air on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And I look forward to having a chat about your experience of these calls and comparing notes … 🙂 …

Tell me more …

If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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  1. Martin Law says:

    I listened to the whole series of Living Energy Secrets hosted by Debra Thompson. I am wanting to contact Debra. Would you know her email address please?


  2. Hi Martin

    The email address I have for Debra is – hope that helps … and I believe I got this by signing up for her newsletter … which keeps everyone updated.

    Which speaker was your favourite and what was it about their interview or programme that you liked the most 🙂 …


  3. Barbara says:

    Although I am getting emails from I have tried to email it and the emails are being bounced, sometimes after several days. I bought the upgrade to mp3 recordings, but have either lost or never had the download page details. Not very happy about this, but still searching.

  4. Energy healing is the fastest way to break through limiting beliefs, leap over emotional barriers,push aside fears and phobias and kick open the doors to the health,success and happiness most people can only dream about.

    Some have enough information to build something worthwhile onto your existing knowledge, others take a more direct sales approach and the freebie may simply act as a link to an up-sell without imparting very much.

  5. Its been such a time … but I hope you got sorted with this Barbara … I don’t know much about the company as such … but the broadcasts are excellent.

    Best wishes


  6. Hi Ken

    It sounds like you’ve experienced some of these great techniques yourself … which ones do you like the best or have you found the most effective?

    Kind regards


  7. Sheila Gale says you would like to have me on your radio show. You may call me anytime – 425-337-3354, My site is being re-designed and ready to go soon. I did Sheila’s show recently and have products and services to offer plus doing two more new attunements for product offer. Thank you, Kenji Kumara near Seattle, WA.

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