Matrix Red Pill

Matrix Red Pill / Blue Pill

I <3 jelly beans 09Most people saw the film The Matrix and if you didn’t see it perhaps you heard the general message:

Are you going to take the RED Pill


The BLUE Pill

What does it mean?

This isn’t a film review but more about looking into what is meant by the question and how that has lead to the life you have now.

In order to run with the philosophy of the film, we are talking about how willing you are to play a part in the film of your own life.

If someone were to make a documentary of your life, how would it read, have you taken risks or shied away from the difficult decisions or the emotions you ‘didn’t want to deal with’ because you felt they were/are too painful to face?

The Red Pill

If you have ever come to a cross-roads in your life (and maybe you didn’t even realise it was so at the time) by making a humungus decision that changed the very course of your life … hands up 🙂 …

I don’t usually talk about my background on these pages (although you can find out more about me on the About Me page) but this feels like an appropriate moment to share one of my major crossroads.

My story

In Peace at LastI was 13 yrs old and my father had just died.  My mother insisted that we (the children) go back to school on the very day of his funeral.  I was adamant that I wanted to attend, but my mother took the decision to ‘protect’ me.

I was furious!

In hindsight I’m sure she did it with the very best of intentions, and back-in-the-day (the 1960’s in the UK) there wasn’t a counselling service nor any conception of what was taking place internally.

So I went off to school and clearly remember standing at the doorway of the classroom as the teacher explained to everyone why I’d been away from school.  But as she did this I was surveying the room and looking for the ‘naughtiest’ kids to hang-out with.

Was that already a thought-pattern within me, I hardly recall, but I plotted from that moment on in the how-to of getting into that crowd.   And of course made it happen, and my studies (that I had absolutely loved) went by the wayside.

I guess you might say I took the Red Pill that day as I chose to live with some danger and get out of the comfort-zone my father’s death had lain to rest.

This ultimately started the search for answers to questions and lots of experimentation, and although it was not an easy route for one so young, I have no regrets.  It has delivered such rich experiences of people and life.  It continues to  allow personal growth, shaping who I am today and has been anything but boring 🙂 …

The Blue Pill

Texel_2004_ 178On the other hand my life before my father’s death was seemingly calm and quiet and yet there was an indescribable undercurrent.  We lived below our means, my father had huge trust issues having come from a dis-functional family himself.

My mother was raised away from her family and went back 10-yrs later into a large cluster of kids as a virtual stranger.  Because of her experience she was determined to give her children an Enid Blyton type upbringing, which never really existed, and she would dodge reality or awkward questions at every turn.  She thought it might harm a child’s mind, hence her decision on the day of my dad’s funeral, but she did her very best, for sure as all parents do, no matter how difficult that can be to believe at times.

For me the Blue Pill is accepting as truth the stories and beliefs handed down by your family, school, society and the media.  But are they really?  What does not questioning our beliefs prevent us from realising in ourselves?

Keep in mind the Conscious/Subconscious ruling … of 3-5% is conscious thinking + 95-97% is subconscious programming (beliefs fed into us mostly by observing others)


Are you choosing the Blue Pill or the Red Pill Right Now?

P7290025Just ponder the life you have right now, and just like the locks along a canal, are you controlling it or letting it flow?  Do you blame others for things that could be improved upon and think it cannot alter?  The answer to these questions really tells you which pill you’re buying into.

Maybe you do want something different and sense there is a different way.  Perhaps you have seen others transform and would like to have that too:

  • Friends
  • Mentors
  • Public figures
  • Relatives

Parapente 003I am here to share with you that we can ALL have something different if we want it.  You can be free of something that is holding you back now such as a behaviour, a pain, a mental, physical or emotional condition.

You can have something you’ve always wanted but not known how to achieve such as a healthier body, clearer mind, focus, a different job, a new life partner, better relationships in general, a different lifestyle.

Its much easier than you may realise with less to lose and much to gain.

Tell me more … If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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