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Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Its here – at last …

The book I’ve waited for on Matrix Reimprinting using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future (MR for short) where EFT Master Karl Dawson and collaborator Sasha Allenby (EFT and MR Trainer and Writer) have co-authored something that documents the development and how-to in applying Karl’s creative add-on while using regular EFT.

The MR with EFT book release

Just to declare myself here because I recently trained in MR with Karl, and sought him out as the inventor, which was the first opportunity to meet him and learn more about what I’ve seen and experienced as a powerful tool to add to the practitioners toolbox.  MR is a lovely system that although at first glance seems quite similar to Inner Child work (if you know it) that most Hypnotherapists are familiar with as a standard feature of both this and the NICE’s (UK) favoured CBT.

However, there are two aspects to MR that I find unique:

1.  It can be used immediately as the need arises, without having to move the client through certain therapy processes to reach an opportune moment.  This means a client can be responded to immediately.

2.  Once a negative memory has been worked through it can be re-imprinted into whatever you would have wanted to happen instead. And although this may sound a little unusual, its being proven to be congruent with how the mind works (in images) through the Quantum Sciences.

MR is powerful and helps re-shape the mind, and therefore the thoughts of anyone who cares to embrace it, by getting out of the way of what I saw Carol Look (also an EFT Master) recently refer to as ‘our own drama’, that we have until now believed unchangeable and worth struggling with because ‘they make us who we are’ or ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

Matrix Reimprinting stops the rot

Flying High....The implications are unlimited, but the bottom line is that there are now tools and techniques that allow everyone to focus on having the life we want instead of being drawn into those negative clouds that continually bring about ‘more of the same’ until we say NO and look for alternative methods to bring about different results.

As the Law of Attraction possé and any other Personal Development guru you care to mention is bound to say:

We get what we focus on …

So if you’re ready to challenge yourself to making some different choices this may well be a book that helps convince you as to how the mind is programmed and how we can get on board with it to make deep and lasting change.

My copy of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

HandMy copy of the book was posted last Friday (16 July 2010) so I’ve yet to get my mitts on it 🙂 …  But once I’ve had a chance to go through it I’ll post a review to give more insight as to what the book holds so you can decide for yourself.

There is a great buzz around it (in the Energy Therapy field) and I’m excited to have a copy winging its way to me right now. If you can’t wait either just go to Amazon right here and I will get paid a small commission just so you know) …

But I would love you to join in the buzz and hear your opinions too.

Please leave your comments.

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PS:  Its not quite on the shelf and ready to buy as this article goes live but you can pre-order your copy
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