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Richard Flook's 'Why Am I Sick'

I wrote this over a year ago when I had just started the online META-Medicine Training with Richard Flook and never got round to printing it, but thought I would today, because:

a. it’s helpful to see where I was at then, in regards to having very little knowledge about what META-Medicine had to offer
b. that may very well be where you are right now
c. realising what I’ve learned and the difference it’s made.

A. This is what I wrote then:

Richard Flook (MM Trainer & Board Member)

I’m currently training as a META Medicine Health Coach with Richard Flook. It is a fairly new paradigm in the field of health, medicine and well-being. If you look at an area like Reflexology we know it gathers information from the feet which are approximate to the body’s anatomy. Well so it is with META-Medicine (MM) but instead it’s the brain that has been mapped, based on Embryology.

Each physiological body system has a connecting part in the brain and this means that almost all mental, physical, emotional or psychological diseases / conditions / issues provide us with an efficient opportunity to understand how that disruption began.

B. Helping you understand it better:

The Common Cold

This condition is associated with the nose and the nasal mucosa. Having a cold is associated with having something very displeasing happen, or with giving someone the cold shoulder. It may also be related to a sense of anxiety experienced as an intrusion.

The Brain’s Interpretation

The common cold is a mucous oedema (gathering of water or swelling) and relates to wanting to be separated from something, an odour, for example, in order to restore contact with the self. And the brain relay that is affected is the Ectoderm (outer layer) the Sensory Cortex.

C. How this information helps:

The Significance When Working With Clients

The beauty of applying META-Medicine at the beginning of the process of working with clients (and self come to that) is how specific it is and how this points out the right place to start working with someone, which completely cuts down session time, and helps someone identify exactly what’s been going on in their body. What I’ve loved about it is how much it takes the fear and trepidation out of the disease process.

Once you understand that disease is a process, it means that every symptom you experience has a start (and end) point and that it’s the elegance of the brain’s messaging service to the body. And by-jingo it works!

NB: August 2012 and coming to the end of META-Medicine Masters Training (in October) with Richard and the IMMA have agreed to me offering 2-day Introductory META-Medicine Trainings – which start in Folkestone from 17-18 October at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone. Contact me for more details.


  1. METAMedicine says

    If you want to learn more about metamedicine, just visit
    p.s. We are currently accepting new students for a live training in London at the end of 2012

    Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.
    Master Trainer METAMedicine
    METAMedicine´s last blog post ..New Site

  2. Hi Rob

    Thanks for your comment and it’s great to hear you are training META-Medicine in London later this year. As you may know I’m one of Richard Flook‘s master-students and am loving the amazing learning with him online, but likewise I appreciate that some people prefer to learn face-to-face.

    I tried your link and it looks like a brand-new site, so when it’s ready please get back and I’d be happy to promote your training here.


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