Blaming Others

Blaming Others
Whose To Blame

When you think about blaming others are you missing the point? What point you may say! The point is the learning.  And learning is some of what life is about. Take me for example, I’ve always been what you might call a perpetual student, and love learning, and especially since I began learning these great tools that help address getting back into balance.

The Blame Game

But educational learning is not the same as life learning.  Even when the tools and techniques you learn help enormously in sorting the wheat from the chaff, and helping you shape yourself into a much rounder person, we need to learn on a conscious level.  And that involves taking personal responsibility, or some might say ownership a bit of a new-age word but the meaning is clear.

And this highlights one of the main pitfalls where blaming others is concerned, because it removes the problem from yourself, yet the so-called problem was presented for you to gain some personal understanding from in order to grow as a human being.

Is Blaming Others Such A Bad Thing?

I know that at first sight this may seem a bit whacky and I’d have thought the same at one time.  But once you start to see what is right in front of you and take the learning from it, the most bizarre thing happens.  That problem just stops but of course another one pops up – ah progress – and this is life.

But if you ignore it, taking no responsibility (and you know that small inner, nagging voice that keeps trying to let you in on it) the problem just keeps appearing in guise after guise after guise. compulsions, poor behaviours, chronic illness and habits.

It might be a nagging parent, then up it pops, as a nagging boss, and again as a nagging partner.  But there are two of you in the dance.

RAS – Reticular Activating System

It’s part of the brain that lives in the Thalamus, and it’s the part that continually searches for evidence of your beliefs, in order words, evidence that you are right about this, that and oh yes, the other 🙂

The RAS is that part of you that once you’ve decided you want a White Rover car you suddenly finds yourself spotting them wherever you go.

The Law Of Attraction

It’s also an inherent part of what lies behind the Law Of Attraction, and the philosophy of you get more of what you focus on and unfortunately for most people that is the negative doubts about being broke, being too fat, being ill, hating your job, and all the other worries that keep you stuck on the hamster-wheel.

So maybe it’s time you stopped blaming others and got on with letting your RAS work for you (instead of agin you) 🙂 …

You can start by asking yourself this question:

What Do I Really Want?

There are some great ways to learn how to make a difference in your own life and take back the responsibility for it, so you can rise up to the challenge in order to have something be different.

This way you can have more of what you DO want and less of what you don’t, and for most of us this really is the first major hurdle to get over, but all I can say is:

Come on in the water’s lovely 🙂 … but be warned it’s not always easy and this is where the tools really help. However, once you get through it, the outlook is quite spectacular!

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