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I blame my pain

Standing at the Gates of HellHave you ever heard anyone blame the pain for a physical condition, such as arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago?  Maybe its something that only the ‘older’ generation do these days, maybe not.

But what’s really going on with a back pain or diagnosed condition in the lower back or shoulder, well there could be a variety of things.

Getting older

Perhaps we’re beginning to realise (or maybe its just me) that as we get older we have to take better care of ourselves, because if we don’t no-one else will, not really.  The choice is ours and its for each and everyone of us to take our health more seriously.  If you’re like me and live in the UK, we grow up perceiving our health care system as a ‘free’ service because we simply pay a National Insurance contribution from our salary (or monthly income).

National Insurance (NI)

I wanted to give a % rate here but based on the calculation of a £24K income (over 12-mths) NI payments are calculated at £2013.00 and Income Tax at £3,305.00 (after a tax deductable amount before tax deductions start).  This has been based on an employee working for an employer (pure and simple).  So you can see the the NI contributions are taken for healthcare and the welfare state which is how healthcare is mostly funded in the UK.

Ospedale Frattale - Fractal HospitalAnd this deduction convinces us that our healthcare (and how its metered out) is in the best hands, as we live within a Welfare State.  But what it also means for us is that we hand over the responsibility for our health (and all that entails) to government ministers who may not be the best qualified in such matters.

Maybe the American system is better because they have insurance to cover their health which provides more say in the types of healthcare you decide to have for any particular issue or disease, which affords more choice (I’m open  to correction if this view is skewed in any way).

How to address pain

What we are realising is that pain can differ, it may come and go (as in chronic pain), it may be constant (as in an injury), it may be dull, or sharp, or vibrational.  But META-Medicine tells us far more about what is going on and how the cause can be addressed so that we can learn to be pain-free.

Pain Management

29/365 ~ Araña hasta el último segundo. [EXPLORE #77]In the UK the hospitals run Pain Management Clinic’s where they aim to determine what sort of pain it is (as shown above), whereabouts in the body its being experienced, and this will lead to a fairly accurate diagnosis of the condition where a patient will inevitably leave with a prescription for some drugs for pain-relief.


What they won’t do is determine what caused the pain (in the first place) nor free you from it which means you are educated in ‘how to manage it’ rather than how to get free of it.  For the latter you would need to look towards the alternative health care market, and for this you need to be prepared to pay privately.


We all have choice and having quality of life is an immeasurable feast, offering the freedom to move again, have fun, live a life – for tomorrow we die – don’t we?  The ownership really sits with us though doesn’t it?  What would we really prefer?  Do you want to take the bull-by-the-horns and re-embrace life and get it back on an independent track so you can regain your bodies innate movement?  Or do you want to slip further down the rabbit-hole into a life of nerve-numbing medications and continual debilitation?

After all – its your body

Maybe we should all start thinking more deeply and gathering more information by finding out what choices are really out there, its your body after all.  And maybe part of that investigation will include re-educating government ministers, your local GP and the chemist.

Its certainly one to consider!

Tell me more …

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