Dealing with Anxiety

Help with Anxiety?

Xanax 2 mgThere are times when anyone can feel unsure about something in life, perhaps there’s uncertainty about a relationship, a job prospect, or handling a certain situation.  We’ve all been there haven’t we?  But dealing with anxiety is something that many try to ignore for as long as they can in the hope that it will go away.

Signs of Anxiety

If you look at the META-Medicine model we find that stress and anxiety are the first sign that something has disrupted the mind (and other aspects can become affected too).  In META-Medicine terms its also recognized as the first stage of the usual two-phase disease process.

The symptoms are clearly defined:

  • Obsessive thinking (running round and round a situation, conversation, or incident – like a hamster-on-a-wheel)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of sleep
  • Cold hands and feet

burgerAlthough this is recognized as the ‘stress phase’ … its also where Anxiety lives for the most part.  When you’re anxious the above symptoms may well underpin others such as:

  • Reaching for high fat/sugar/salt refined foods
  • Drinking alcohol/caffeine beverages to excess
  • Heart racing faster
  • Expanded blood vessels
  • High blood pressure
  • Dilated pupils
  • Nervous cold sweat

The above lists are indicators of being ‘off-centre’ where living under these conditions long-term becomes the ‘norm’ making it difficult to differentiate to distinguish between what is and what should be.  Being in stress and anxiety often results in feeling tired following a night’s sleep, ‘running on empty’, demotivated to move / exercise (even though it doesn’t take much to maintain optimum health once it’s been recouped).

Cures for Anxiety

Heading towards uncertaintyLiving under stress can be like living on a roller-coaster leading to disease which often arrives un-noticed, as though out-of-the-blue, but is it really so?  META-Medicine says not, and instead helps to detect what actually causes any disease, headache and any other set of symptoms.

Anxiety can be caused by events and UDIN‘s and is something to be aware of and take care to avoid where possible and dealing with them as they occur, to ensure they don’t develop into disease later on.

But recognizing what’s going on in our system and getting free of it in order to lead a healthier and subsequently happier life is how we can take back the control of what we allow to develop in the body and the mind.

Tell me more … If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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