What is META-Medicine?

META-Medicine background?

META-Medicine has taken the work of various doctors who’ve mapped the brain and made a blueprint of how the brain is connected to the body’s organs.


This neuroscientist carried out a variety of experiements during his illustrious career where during the 1950’s he could work the nerves responsible for the hands and feet (by going into the brain and pulling the strings) so to speak.

Gergt Hamer

During the 1970’s Hamer a German doctor took the next big steps in mapping the brain into a refined blueprint.  This shows which part of the brain is responsible for each organ, muscle, tissue and bone, and is a stunning piece of work.


Johannes Fisslinger a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Trainer, was trained by Hamer and during the 1990’s developed META-Medicine based on the neuro-linguistic sciences.   It was he, Dr Anton Bader, Dr Kwei ….., Richard Flook, Rob van Overbruggen and Suzanne Billinger who helped to take this forward as they formed a board for META-Medicine and became an international association, dedicated to taking these new discoveries forward and making their rather substantial contributions.

How does it compare with Western Medicine

This is a really good question and a great starting point in understanding what is going on with disease and this helps demonstrate what the META-Medicine (MM) model is and how the two ‘systems’ compare.

The first significant difference is tht doctors do not know what causes disease, and they come from the standpoint the body has made a mistake believing (for the most part) that disease is an alien thing to the body and therefore has no coping mechanism.

However, what we might call Traditional Western Medicine does recognise the two phases of the sympathetic nervous system in stress, and the para-sympathetic system in recovery.

The missing link in medicine

chainMETA-Medicine made the connection between these two phases by recognising that ALL disease (except congenital conditions and even these can be eased) are caused by an emotional shock, but not all emotional shocks cause a disease to develop.  There is a specific reason for this and this concerns the UDIN which you can find out more about together with the Two Phases of Disease here

And to some degree this information and more like it is what we’ve been longing for in a world crammed with over-burdened health care systems.

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