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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Day 223 / 365 - DreadTo treat anxiety clients have often tried a wrath of different modalities before turning to alternative therapies, where using these techniques is the ‘last resort’.   They’ve usually knocked on all the doors of the recommended routes; talking to family and friends, self-help books, counseling, psychotherapy, even prescription drugs.  By the time they reach me they are ready for something different, but they usually arrive with two goals, to be free of the condition alongside some answers as to how it started.

What causes anxiety attacks

CB037598Asking what caused an anxiety in the first place is a really great question, because what’s usually at the bottom of it is a shock (mini or maxi) and that’s what often surprises people.  It might be something from long ago, or sometimes the effects can be so gradual that a client finds it tricky to work out the chronological order and pinpoint what happened when.

But the thing to know is that something definitely DID happen to change your behaviour, however subtle, or un-noticeable it is to you now.

Its common enough not to know when you changed from being someone with a ‘lack of confidence’ into someone ‘who didn’t want to get out of bed’ or resistant againat socially challenging situations.

Anxiety Relief

What META-Medicine is trying to tell us is, by nature, the brain is rather unique in how it informs us as to what is a very specific-cause accompanied by a very specific-impact.  This is great information because it saves hours-on-end trawling through past experiences wondering if this, that or the other is responsible.  And as a species we all have an incredible imagination that sometimes turns in on us, i.e. as at bedtime when we run over and over past events, after something happened earlier in the day.

I look forward to sharing some META-Medicine case-studies with you in due course to help illustrate what is driving the brain/body system to behave as it does.

Raising your awareness

If you’re experiencing anxiety, and want to address it, you can start raising your awareness of what’s going on or ‘playing’ you by starting a journal.  This can help to explore your triggers and may help to join up some of the dots.  Just make note if any of the following are part of it and start writing or drawing (whatever works best for you) to let the ideas flow:

  • journal, pen 2Do you get nervous after seeing a certain friend or relative?
  • Is there a particular event you dread?
  • Is there some ritual you have to carry out because its a tradition in your circle, but you absolutely hate it?
  • Can you feel any resistance in your body?
  • When you think about it are there any patterns starting to show up?
  • Do you get nervous when you have to leave your ‘comfort zone’?
  • How do you feel about ‘speaking up’?
  • Are you one to hide from the spotlight?
  • Do you leave things until the last minute and then get over-anxious at the prospect of not getting things completed in time?
  • Perhaps you over-plan everything and take away all the fun of having spontaneity in your life?

These are all topics on their own, and if they’re sparking something in you right now, I’m happy to answer any questions.

What’s your story?

Do you have any doubts or suspicions around feeling differently because you think its just you and how you are.  Perhaps that’s what other people have told you, or you’ve learned it and now tell it to others.  Is that the character you’ve adopted?  Do you believe you’re stuck with it? Or do you want something different now?

I would like to hear your experiences of anxiety, or that of close family and friends where you’ve been involved or feeling at a loss in how to help.  Its not only the personal experience of the one undergoing it, but also the well-wishes of the nearest and dearest as they look-on hoping something will change for you, or maybe they’re the problem.  But as you probably know already (only too well) the person who can really help you IS you.   These tools work in tandem with the nervous system, which is how anxiety thrives.  I look forward to hearing what’s going on with you, answer questions, or read your comments.

Tell me more …

If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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