Mood Swings

Mood Swings
Highs And Lows

Have you ever had that feeling … the one where you feel stuck and despite yourself its not possible to do very much at all. This can result in mood swings if that is our pattern.

I had a UDIN moment of my own this last weekend … its a good demonstration of what a UDIN is, how it works and the effect it can have.

My home was burgled as I lay in bed and the only things taken were my mobile phone and my laptop.  The latter being my pride and joy.

Despite how much I loved that machine it was the fact that someone came into the place while I was in and took something that didn’t belong to them.  It left me feeling quite debilitated, helpless, vulnerable, even hopeless.  Of course I have these marvellous tapping tools, that are perfect for just such a situation, but it took me all my time to use them.  I still had to wait until I was ready, there is always something to learn from such a thing and I’ve taken from it what I can.


This feeling leads us into other behaviours, such as eating all the wrong things, feeling edgy, not sleeping well, having a churned up stomach.  It’s common enough, and of course it could trigger a returning disease or pain, or start something new.  But on this occasion my understanding has probably prevented that from developing, but we’ll see.

Bad habits

When these things happen and they leave us feeling overwhelmed and frozen in time, the resulting bad or poor behaviours, such as resorting to eating foods (no-foods) high in saturated fats, salt and sugar, simply contribute to making us feel worse. And this information has other indications.

So becoming mindful of what is happening to us is one major step in taking back the reigns of control in a given situation.


Losing something precious does make us sit up and take notice, and despite the rest it gets our attention, and maybe it was going to take something dramatic to capture the attention.   I’m now able to learn from it and appreciate the learning even when it causes great inconvenience (or pain in the case of injury).

Has this or something similar, even a medical condition, happened to you?  Did you get the learning and become free of it?   It’s intriguing that we have so much to learn, and how much it takes in order for us to notice when something is awry.

Maybe you have something now that you would like to stop in your life, perhaps something that has gone on long enough, or something you’ve wanted to start but always stopped yourself from exploring, due to fear of failure or exposure (like being in the public eye).

If there is and you’d like to get free of the reluctance to reduce or diminish the overwhelm just get in contact here.

I’d like to here your insights or who you think is to blame when things go wrong for you?

An Add-One

The same night of the week, exactly a week later, I was going to bed when I was gripped by an overwhelming sense of fear, it came from nowhere and I could hardly breathe.

I used EFT tapping to bring down the moment and it hasn’t occurred since, before I had these tools I wouldn’t have known what to do.

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