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2008.11.25 - The physicianLets look at how medical problems can be helped with these tools and techniques that although relatively new are working increasingly well for all manner of people, and why.

Here’s the thing; your medical questions can be addressed once you embrace one thing and one thing alone.  Its your body and its up to you to get on board with its and your recovery.

Maybe this is a different approach to what you’ve been used to in the past, after all you get sick, you visit your doctor, the doctor diagnoses the condition and writes you out a prescription and maybe a sick note for work, if you need to stay off.  What more is there to the process?

Making change with ‘medical problems’

If there is only one change you can make upon hearing a diagnosis for a medical condition, this is it.

  • Get on board and start to engage with your own body, this vehicle that carries you through your life
  • Make every enquiry on the planet in how to address the diagnosed condition (including the internet)
  • Learn what you can and start to implement some changes

Your doctor is highly qualified in giving you a medical diagnosis, but they rarely encourage you to do anything further.  But lets say you do look into it further and discover there is more than one condition with similar symptoms, perhaps it wasn’t a clear-cut diagnosis, maybe the records got confused that day (medics and their office systems are fallible and run by humans) and maybe you’d want to consider having a second opinion, from another medical doctor, to be certain about what you’re addressing.

Even once you have a diagnosis how many people go home and continue life as before without any further thoughts about making some slight, if temporary, alterations that may assist in the ‘road to recovery’?

Medical diagnosis

It Was A Very Good Year - Sinatra Speed of Grace - Meanspeed® Music Tempo GraphicOnce you have a diagnosis then you can explore a range of options and these should include the world of alternative therapy treatments, because the information that has been garnered over the last 30-40 years is quite phenomenal and continually growing.

You only have to look at how your local medical practice has changed where east meets west as the range of treatments hails from both old  and new.   Lots of alternative therapies stem from ancient Chinese or Indian practice and as they say ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ but we are beginning to take note in the west and so we should.

Ancient and Modern approaches

White WavesThe approaches may differ as with ancient knowledge its been adapted to how we live life today.  But this does not undermine the information nor its application, instead it becomes easier to use.

So maybe it’s time for you to embrace a Round Table approach to your own health and wellbeing, perhaps where you’ve been applying conventional medicine and not quite getting out of the hole you’ve felt stuck , you can begin to take more interest and do some research into what else you can use alongside your conventional treatments, because this is not an all or nothing approach.

Imagine the image (on the left) representing both principles of medicine … this is where we’re headed and although its happening in small steps right now, we are at least beginning to realise that government purse-strings cannot keep bursting at the seams while paying out for chronic disease (to name but one challenged area) where this stand-alone approach offers no long-term solutions.

Then consider that running alongside we could have a gammut of non-invasive, cost effective treatments that bring clients and patients back into restored health.  This is available now but we have to open our eyes, ears and minds to the prospect.

This is the future for sure and it is just a matter of time.  So for your own health you might want to check out what is happening in your body and in your life right now so that you can start the process of becoming free from its shackles.  And in turn you can begin to lead a healthier, happier life, one that consists of doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

What are your thoughts, concerns, doubts or fears, I’d love to hear them!

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