Low Self-Esteem Pt #2

Self Confidence

Air Balloon 2Following on from last time when we looked at what influences our  self confidence,  growing up, now lets consider what you can do to build your so you notice the difference.

But lets ask this question.  Does living your life with confidence affect your ‘actual’ life experiences?  Speaking as someone who’s been on both sides of the fence I would say so.

Setting yourself a challenge

Pressing the balloon edges (of your life) affords the opportunity to check out your comfort-zone and the easiest way to test it is to say YES next time someone invites you to take part in an activity that challenges you.

Choose something (provided its legal lol!) you’re usually inclined to avoid, maybe you think its ‘not up your street’, or that you haven’t got the ability to succeed in it.  Whatever you choose make it something that takes has you feeling a bit nervous.

Growing your self confidence

Paeton Blowing BubblesTry it and see!  And please come back here to report if you decide to step out and take a chance, because it would be great to hear how you get on.

Is there anything you’d really like to overcome but find yourself avoiding because you want to swerve the discomfort of it such as:

  • feeling silly
  • failing
  • looking daft
  • feeling too old
  • loss of dignity
  • and so on …

Fear not because its only by stepping into those places that you overcome those insecurities and find out how much further you can stretch your ‘real’ life skills.

Confidence building

Inside the Atomium 2I look forward to hearing all about your progress with anything you’ve done to overcome your reserve.

I’m sure you’ll agree its great fun stepping out into life and surprising yourself into realising that this one way of building your self-confidence and how much easier it becomes when we start to break away from those edgy fears that hold us back.

If you find you are held back by certain anxieties, fears, threats or beliefs that may be inherited or learned and you want to step into your life in order to widen your opportunities then let me know your questions, thoughts or queries here.  It would be great to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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Tell me more …

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