Vacation Leave

Vacation Leave
Vacation Leave

It’s that time of year you know the one you’ve been longing for, vacation leave, the beach is beckoning, the excitement mounting!

Sometimes you plan to go away, sometimes you stay home, catching up on those chores around the house.

Sometimes as the prospective holiday draws near you gain a second wind of renewed energy knowing that it won’t be long before you’re able to leave work behind at least for a week or so.

And then it happens, you leave work and almost immediately you fall ill, but why? In META-Medicine terms there is a very good explanation of what is going on in the body, and it makes logical sense.

The Two Phases Of Disease

Lets go back to the VMM #2 Two Phases Of Disease & UDIN where the META-Medicine model shows that when a UDIN occurs the first thing you’re likely to notice is the body going into a Stress Phase.

The Second Phase is prompted by a RP (Reversal Point) where the RP is always brought on by something good happening specifically in response to the UDIN, in this example it could be looking forward to the holiday and resolving the original conflict, or something you heard or saw. 

This is when the physical symptoms appear, hence the illness on holiday, lets look at an example:

The Pre-amble

Someone new joins your team but instead of their settling into the team as the newbie, they start to overtake you and get noticed by those you’ve been trying to catch the eye of for ages.


Then one day this person gets right up your nose, you have words and feel lousy.  In fact you start to go into the stress phase there and then, sleep is affected, you replay the scene over and over, if only I’d said this or that. 

Your eating patterns become sporadic as you find yourself craving more refined carbohydrates and high fat/sugar/salt foods.   At this point your energy feels as though its running on empty and you wake up feeling as tired as when you went to bed.

The Reversal Point

Next something occurs to alleviate the original conflict shock and the mind/body system feels relief.  There is a little more to it, but for this example it could easily be the relief of taking your holiday which takes you away from the situation that has been stressing you out, and this is when the symptoms arrive, as you relax.

Can you relate to this or something similar?

So all this time you thought you’d caught something from someone else, but in fact it was the original event that created your illness while away on your vacation leave.

What Happens Next

Now you might be asking yourself what does happen next, well the thing is your illness comes out. Let’s say it was something minor like a cold, META-Medicine tells us the felt-sense of a cold is the following conflict:

The Common Cold

Having a cold is associated with experiencing something very displeasing or with giving someone the cold shoulder.

It is also connected to a sense of anxiety experienced as an intrusion. The cold is a mucous edema (water and swelling) and relates to wanting to be separated from something; an odour, person or situation, in order to restore a connection with the self – The Biogenealogy Sourcebook – Christian Fleche

The above example fits perfectly because the upset at work with a felt-sense of the intruder, could be that someone we want to get some distance from. So the UDIN conflict happened, the body went into stress, wanting to get away from the person at work and then went into reversal which is when the symptoms appeared as a streaming cold, oncethe holiday came around. Does this make sense?

Listen To Your Body

Of course we fail to listen to our bodies time and again, instead we dis-engage, to such an extent that even when we have anything from a minor ailment through to a serious diagnosis, we still often fail to hear / see or sense the brain’s message.

Your doctor is a fantastic place to start in obtaining a diagnosis of your symptoms, rather than self-diagnosis and worse still, self-medication.

Help With Your Diagnosis

Instead your diagnosis can be worked on alongside these tools and techniques, without any derogatory effect on the work you undertake with your general physician.

The upshot is that this explains the how and the why we get sick when we take vacation leave, and next time it happens you’ll have far more of a sense that you can trace back to what has been going on.

Of course your symptoms may be something entirely different, or you might be suffering with symptoms right now that fall completely outside of any of the above, but there’s an explanation for every condition, and if you’re curious about your diagnosis and want to know what META-Medicine has to say about it, then please fill out the contact form to arrange a chat with me.

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