IMMA Conference 2011

Conference in Estonia

The annual IMMA Conference 2011 in Estonia ran from 12-15 May and was broken down into 2 components.

The first part was the META-Medicine Advanced Training leg of the conference and this took place on the 12-13 May.

The emphasis given was as the first International Integrative Medicine Conference in Estonia, and to quote the brochure:

The mantra ‘Integrative Medicine for the Future’ is heard all over the world and it seems finally the transformation of health care towards a ‘patient-focused’ and ‘integrative model of medicine’ which is a healing-orientated medicine that takes account of the whole-person (body, mind and spirit) including all aspects of lifestyle is happening.

The advanced elements of the Conference

The speakers on topics as follows:

  • Johannes Fisslinger (USA) – META-Medicine and prevention
  • Richard Flook (Canada) – META-Medicine and the ‘conflict shocks’ (UDINS)
  • Rob van Overbruggen (PhD) (Netherlands) – Solving the ‘riddle of the Brain Cortex’
  • Susanne Billander (Sweden) – What are soul-utions and how to facilitate them
  • Robert Waghmare & Joanne Ross (UK) – How to use META-Medicine to uncover ‘core issues’
  • Tron Enger (Norway) – Using EFT with META-Medicine
  • Dr Anton Bader (Germany) – During the Healing Crisis what organs need special attention
  • Bent Madsen (Norway) – Metabolics syndrome and its importance in META-Medicine diagnostics
  • Dr Kwesi Anan Odum (Germany) – Luscher Colour Analysis and learn how to find the emotional qualities behind a symptom

An Introduction to Integrative Medicine

The second part of the Conference was aimed at the public while simultaneously offering information for the experienced practitioner.

Charles Bell: Anatomy of the Brain, c. 1802This was my first experience at an IMMA Conference and a chance to meet The Board of the IMMA and the information they shared was reaffirming, and sometimes new.

The 14-15 May was open to the public and covered more introductory topics for both the novice and the experienced practitioner.  The guest speakers included:

The speakers for this element of the programme was as follows:

  • Johannes Fisslinger – Introduction to ‘integrative medicine’
  • Rob van Overbruggen – Healing psyche and the psychological patterns of health
  • Dr Anton Bader – An introduction to ‘ brain-relay’ diagnostics and the ‘organ-brain’ connection
  • Dr Kwesi Anan Odum – An introduction to META-Ophthalmology and the ‘mind-body connection to the eye’
  • Richard Flook – The ‘META-Healing Process‘ and discover the science behind the healing process
  • Dr Bernie Seigal (USA) – Reflections on the ‘art of healing and living
  • Robert Waghmare & Joanne Ross (and Tremayne Reiss) – How to use META-Medicine to uncover ‘META-Kinetics
  • Tatjana Sivik (Sweden) – Who should decide the choice of treatment: doctor or patient?
  • Susanne Billander – Heal yourself by living your soul’s highest purpose
  • Tron Enger – EFT and tapping yourself to health
  • Dagfrid Kolas (Norway) – Her personal healing-from-cancer story

Tallinn Estonia

Medieval McDonaldsI went along as Richard’s assistant and recorded the event for Richard’s online student participants.   It was very enjoyable, Estonia has an interesting history with an architectural mixture of ‘old and new’ and I met up with fellow students (in person) for the first time, and needless to say we had great fun as well.

Tallinn where the conference was held has an old quarter and its full of welcoming taverns, restaurants and bars.

We visited a couple of restaurants where my favourite was The Olde Hansa where they had staff dressed as serving wenches with medieval music played into an eatery full of wooden eating tables and benches in a rural candlelight setting.

The food was outstanding.

The IMMA Conference 2011

If any of the above topics shown in this year’s programme have any appeal for you please let me know as I’m happy to share further details where there’s an interest.

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If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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