Midlands Spring Gathering 2011

EFT Spring Gathering with AAMET


This was the first conference organised by Roy Martin and his team; (Fiona Truman, Jon Harris and Megan Smith), which was held at the Ramada Hotel  in Birmingham.

The weekend consisted of 4-optional workshops on Friday 20 May and I wouldn’t know how any of them went because I was taking minutes for the AAMET Trainers Day meeting held in a beautiful suite overlooking the lake (at the hotel).  The speakers due to give their separate talks were:

  • Gillian Wightman – EFT on the edge
  • Dr Kate James – Integrative care for Cancer
  • Robert Smith – How to change any problem without intuition or guesswork
  • Roy Martin – Creating an effective and successful practice
  • The AAMET Trainers Day

The general Midlands Spring Gathering  continued on over the weekend 21-22 May 2011.

This event was based on The EFT Gatherings (North) that have been hosted and organised by Gwyneth Moss (EFT Master and Trainer) for the last 6-yrs in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.  But where those events are crammed to capacity with EFT Masters, Speakers and Trainers, the Midlands Gathering took a different slant.

They positively encouraged those with a story of their personal and often moving stories into how they found EFT and a range of other natural and alternative remedies and energy treatments that restored them back to wellness, where the more traditional routes hadn’t quite worked for them.


Dr Kate James


This included Dr Kate James, who told the story of her daughter’s early diagnosis of Leukemia shortly after she was born.  Kate found a range of methodologies that worked on both her daughter and her mother. 

This led Kate to make changes nutritionally for the sick members of her family and began the discoveries that would help to recover her family’s health.  This included EFT and her health practice has taken an entirely different direction.

She now works with Cancer sufferer’s http://www.drkatejames.com

and shares what she learned from personal experience.  She brought one of her ex-patients onto the platform, but there were others in the audience, other’s who have become friends and fellow practitioners.  Carol came on to tell her own very moving story of the road to recovery and I believe she is also considering training as an EFT Practitioner.

Robert Smith

Robert demonstrated his own system Faster EFT www.fastereft.com by initially introducing the concepts of how our memories and early influences hold us back in later life, and this is done through entertaining metaphor.

Then he brought volunteer Janet onto the stage to participate with him and he helped her with an issue around her dad.

Some felt his manner was too pressing, that he didn’t offer enough choice, but I’ve seen Richard Bandler (a co-founder of NLP) in action and for me   Robert’s is more of an NLP approach and that combined with some firm handling may be what\s at play here.  And if we use the analogy of the subconscious mind being likened to a small willful child it appears as another method to consider.

The bottom line is he gets results, and came across as very intuitive (very quickly) with Janet.  You’ve only out his 400+ YouTube video clips combining his techniques (at work), the theory, and student testimonials to realise how successful he is.  Robert was among those featured in Gary Craig’s EFT Training DVD Series and clearly knows his stuff and his videos account for around 25% of all online videos found on the topic of EFT.













Safaya Salter

Another highlight was Safaya Salter works with animals as well as people.

Softly spoken, a little eccentric with a dry sense of humour, she told of growing up in Egypt with very few friends, due to the location.

Instead she made friends with the animal kingdom and adopted a range of animal friends along the way http://www.atouchlighter.co.uk.  She went on to say how working with animals requires a slightly different approach, but how you quickly know whether what you’re doing is working.

Sejual Shah

Sejual Shah brought the best audience participation to the programme when she got everyone willing to tap round the issue of taking a therapy business into the corporate market (or maybe just promoting your business one-to-one) where issues of confidence and self-esteem often crop up for practitioners.  For some reason there’s no picture for Sejual (but you can see her captured on stage with the other presenters at the finale http://www.healthyinmind.com.

Linda Wood

Linda is a feisty American woman with bags of charisma, she’s what we Brits might call a ‘larger than life’ character.  Her enthusiasm is full-on as she told the story of how she discovered Tapping Bear.

She demonstrated with another animal specialist (Wendy) and they each had their own Tapping Bear.

Linda told how up to now she has stuffed each and every bear herself, sending really good vibes and blessed energy as she goes through this motion.  She spoke of how useful this aid has been when dealing with anyone who has challenges with engaging their own emotions, http://magicaltappingbear.com.

Dr Rangana Choudhuri

Rangana gave a very uplifting talk on how EFT is being scientifically proven to work, and offered a set of her presentation slides to any audience members.  This would be sure to help anyone wanting to get their practitioner message out there, as it was loaded with facts and figures, the sorts of information that may well aid practitioners to catch the ear of the general public.

She was positive, upbeat and inspiring in what she imparted and moving in the message she imparted to her mum (who was sitting in the audience) as the person who first tapped on her when her life was ‘out of whack’. I’m sure we could all relate.

Grant Connelly

Grant talked us through his Z-Point meditation style visualization process.  It was the last feature of the last day and offered a wonderful close to the ‘show’.

It was relaxing and insightful, bringing the whole event to a fitting close with calm and relaxation and a chance to have some restoration before setting off on what would be long journey’s for some.

This can be used in tandem with EFT and some practitioners in the room were compelled to share their uplifting experiences of Grant’s courses http://www.zpointforpeace.com.



And a mention for Helena Fone, who came onto on stage towards the close of Day 1 in order to update everyone on AAMET’s latest news and to invite members to join http://www.aamet.org.

There was also an invitation to go along and attend AAMET’s first AGM (held that evening) where members were free to take part, add to the Agenda, etc.


More on that later.


A Gallery of Speakers (KAY could say A Gallery of Stars here)

This shows pictures (where available) and details featuring other speakers from the weekend.

Christine Sutton and Philip Davis

Philip and Christine talked about how they discovered and developed Picture Tapping Technique (PTT), which they find invaluable in working with clients in order to uncover subconscious and hidden beliefs, feelings, thoughts and memories.  http://www.phoenixeft.co.uk.

Fiona Truman

Fiona gave a talk about Matrix Reimprinting, the system developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby.

Fiona is a Matrix Reimprinting trainer and shared her enthusiasm for the techniques.

Matrix Reimprinting allows a client to go into a very traumatic memory and dissociate from the event, while simultaneously clearing whatever traumatic event occurred.   They also get a chance to reimprint into their subconscious memory a different scenario, that although it doesn’t change what happened does change how someone feels about it.


Lorraine Debman

Lorraine spoke about working with a very specific client group, those with Disassociated Identity Spectrum Disorders and their complexities.  This was known as multiple personality disorder at one time.

Lorraine draws on her psychotherapy background and gave a fascinating insight in working with her client group http://www.eftfutureminds.co.uk.


Eric Huurre

Eric is the Film Producer/Director of Operation Emotional Freedom – The Answer and an excerpt was shown to those that attended the dinner on Saturday night.

He’s passionate about EFT and its beneficial effects and choses to share that through film and other projects.  The story behind this was an invitation from Gary Craig to make a film (released 2010) and show the benefits the techniques bring to one of the toughest topics; PTSD.

The film shows a small group of war veterans and their partners (from a range of wars) working with several EFT Adv Practitioners and Masters on their personal war experiences.

It’s filmed over a 5-day period and catalogues the major shifts these men and women go through as the emotional trauma trapped in their system is released allowing them to re-integrate back into living ‘properly’ with their families.

The film is an excellent example to show others just how these techniques work http://www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com.

Cath Riley

Cath shared her personal story of her postnatal depression and complete lack of lustre for life, until one day when she began to make changes and found another way.

Her salvation came through a change of diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and EFT.

Hers was a great story because it shows just how making some tweaks anyone can take back the controls for their life and have a ‘quality of life’ that makes all the difference. http://www.howtoshine.com.

Sean Gray

Sean talked to us about Performance Anxiety such as musicians or sports people may experience.  He spoke of how he established his business through his press cuttings and magazine articles http://www.healerfound.co.uk

He even set public challenges such as the one he did for Golfers to improve their handicap and got a small number of volunteers.  But it was one way of getting EFT out there and its worked for Sean.  He now runs a successful practice where this one aspect is his specialty.


Megan Smith

Megan talked to us about her role as a Pharmacist with many y ears working within the NHS with both kids and psychological conditions.

She is now an EFT Practitioner and Trainer as well as a META-Medicine Health Coach and Trainer and runs an independent practice offering advise on traditional prescription drugs to alternative practitioners http://www.ukmas.co.uk where she runs a UK Medicine Advisory Service.

She described how META-Medicine takes the already identified phases of disease; sympathetic (stress-phase) and the para-sympathetic (healing-phase) and link them inexorably together.

She described the importance of this link in uncovering just how disease works and that rather than being a ‘mistake’ in the body, conversely it’s the body’s unique way of informing us we need to address something, which is often where EFT comes in.





Janice Thompson

Janice is a Master META-Medicine Health Coach, Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Trainer/Practitioner.  Her specialist area is Weight, where she combines 20-yrs in the Personal Training and Fitness Industry alongside Energy Psychology.

She spoke of how much of what she was trained in traditionally, has floundered as the rates of general obesity have increased over the same period.

She spoke of how META-Medicine’s two-phases of disease show us that when we put weight on we are actually in the healing phase which means we have resolved something (that put us into stress in the first place) and how these combined tools and techniques can help to unravel the issues that lie behind weight gain http://janicethompson.co.uk.


The second strand of speakers that were encouraged to take the stage at this event were people with less experience, but at a point where they are ready to start speaking and have something of interest to share.  There were a few speakers who fell into this category and this was to be expected as it was part of the billing and in all fairness it was reflected in the price of the ticket.

This shows Roy Martin and John Bullough organizing …

A lack of experience did show with some speakers but well done them for taking ‘a step up’.  I hope they enjoyed and learned from it so that next time they’re invited somewhere to speak they’ll have a better sense of what did and didn’t work.

As every budding stand-up comedian knows its tough to stand up there – alone – trying to woo a crowd and this one did seem tough.  Quite a few people commented on it, which is surprising in light of what we do for a living.  Are we meant to emit some of the philosophy of ‘we are what it says on the tin’ in supporting others.  But I leave that for the more experienced attendees among you to interpret for yourself.

But for those who felt they didn’t win the crowd over as they would have liked I say this … what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger lol!  And I hope none of you are too disheartened by the experience, without you guys it wouldn’t have been the same.  There really is Always Next Time …

But on that note I felt that 40-minutes was too short a timeslot as most of the speakers seemed to rush their talk, with quite a number mentioning lack of demonstration time, a vital element in getting a crowd engaged and whipped into place.

Even Though I should have been a less judgmental audience member … we know the rest 🙂 …

When all the Speakers took to the platform at the very end

NB:  Where  any speakers are without a website reference its because none were found.  Any lack of pictures is also due to poor reproduction.

All in all it was a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some great people and sharing in the buzz of it all.  And as a bonus I won a one-to-one session with an EFT Master and I took that this week … it was a lovely session and we looked at my business.   Now I’m getting on with the Pamela Bruner series I purchased earlier this year, because the time is ripe 🙂 …

Tell me more …

If you’d like to learn more you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – see how to kick-start the process – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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