What causes disease?

Stress lies behind most disease

1953_beakersBruce Lipton the Cellular Biologist was one of the contributing scientists, having studied cells long and hard from the 1980’s and involved in Stem Cell Research at Harvard he knows a thing-or-two.

He discovered that cells and there subsequent behaviour are NOT determined by some pre-determined genetics, and here’s the BREAKTHROUGH, they are now widely known (throught the field of Epi-genetics) to be determined by The Environment in which they find themselves, much like us.

Think about this!  What happens when you find yourself at work, in college, participating in a hobby, business or career, meeting new people, or at home with your own family.  The one thing we all do is TRY to fit in … we get influenced by our surroundings and especially the people within the particular environment.

BNZ Dangerman logoStressful Lives

This is much how our body’s cells behave … they become influenced by whatever is going on around them, and that is affected by any of the following:

  • Time factors and deadlines – are you always rushing around trying to get things done for work/home/business?
  • Diet – what are you eating, are you getting enough nutrients into your system on a daily basis or is your body craving for some good quality ingrediants?
  • Smoking, drinking, drugs (illegal and prescriptive) – all have an ability to put the body into stress
  • Whatever you put on your skin (creme’s, oils, moisturizers) gets absorbed into the bloodstream, so read the labels
  • What ‘quality of sleep’ are you getting?
  • People of influence – who are you hanging out with and are they good for you?
  • Live alone or with a partner
  • Your children – what is happening in their lives and how is that impacting you?
  • Relaxation – are you making time for rest and relaxation or just taking some ‘time out’?
  • Meditation – are you finding time for it?
  • Exercise – is your body getting a chance to stretch and keep from seizing up?
  • Hobbies – do you get a chance to take some time out just-for-you?

Learning to Relax

SeashellClearly each of these is a stand-alone topic.  But they start to build a picture of what its like living in the 21st century in the western developed world, with the information overload we live with and too few hours in the day.  It becomes quite easy to become lax when it comes to ‘making time for yourself’.

And most people will hold their hands up in horror at the prospect, but when you come to think of it, there is only YOU, you come into the world alone and generally go out same way.  Ultimately only YOU can make a difference for yourself, despite what others may say.  They are NOT you and only you know if at any one time you are living the sort of life you want to live?

  • Are you in the sort of relationship you want to be in or is there something missing?
  • Are you proud of your kids doing the best they can, or do you need to spend more one-on-one time with them to help  develop their self-esteem and confidence?
  • Are you working in a job (or running a business) you absolutely love or are you desparate for a change into something you’re really good at but don’t think you’ll make a living at it?
  • Do your friends support you and feed you with inspiration or do they drag you down and spit you out?
  • Do your family insist on keeping you in those boxes they assigned you to so many moons ago, and just don’t notice how much you’ve flourished in the outside world?
  • Are you getting away from everything often enough to feed your ‘inner-self’ whether it be a pedicure, a spa, a retreat, etc?
  • Do you make time for a hobby you absolutely love so that you can meet like-minded people and share ideas, tips and suggestions?

The list goes on … but you get the idea!

Fun and Frollicks

Tambal BanIt’s important to replenish yourself, and take care to be around people who make you feel good about yourself, so that you can step into a better you, having more fun which equals less stress.

Take time out to relax by doing something you deeply enjoy, even a long soak in the tub is a very simple way of taking some time out for yourself.  Of course you’ll have lots of your own ideas as to how you can make time each day to replenish the feel-good side of your life.

And remember its physiologically impossible to feel miserable or depressed when you smile.  Another good thing to know eh!

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  1. It does seem that when we are stressed out and tired that we are more likely to become ill. So, it isn’t surprising to me that there would be some type of connection between stress and illness. I guess staying stress free is a good way to ensure that we maintain healthy building blocks and avoid the doctors chair.

  2. You’re absolutely right about ‘maintaining healthy building blocks’ and taking good care of yourself is a good way of managing the everyday stresses that occur, some form of exercise (that you love), eating sensibly most of the time (while allowing some weekly treats), a positive family life and the company of good friends are all helpful.

    Having some useful tools to deal with the traumas that life can throw up is also very handy, especially when we understand how the nervous system works to protect us.

    Jane 🙂

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