A Glossary of Medical Conditions

The What – When and How of Medical Conditions

Addiction The definition of this is when behaviour has to be carried out even when you don’t want to.  Addictive behaviours are now associated with all of the following:

  • Drugs (prescription and illegal substances)
  • Comfort eating
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Internet
  • Porn
  • Sex
  • Shopping


Allergies Its now known that allergies are a learned behaviour between something that happened and a certain set of symptoms developed to cope with the stress of it.
Bi-polar This is where a person has one of the following three-phases going on at any one time:

  • Manic episodes
  • Depressive periods
  • Neither (because one has cancelled out the other) – more on this when we look at the META-Medicine model


Confidence Lack of self-confidence often results in any of the following:

  • Not living life to the full
  • Not having a full social-life
  • The control they impose on others
  • A need to feel ‘safe and protected’
  • The number of ‘new’ experiences they are willing to have
  • How they interact with new faces/people


Depression Being in a depressive state, where everything is too much trouble and wanting to bury the head, not get out of bed, eat poorly and sporadically.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Feeling stressed, not understanding why, but feeling edgy, nervous and just wanting to be away from it.
OCD Obsessive/compulsive disorder is where a person repeats patterns of behaviour, such as obsessive washing of hands, checking doors and windows are locked, or that lights, heaters and cookers are switched off.
Panic attacks It’s almost like getting into a ‘bit-of-a-state’ where a thought process takes over and the person gives themselves over to it.  It often results in a fast-beating heart, heavy sweating, may be gripped by fear and heavy breathe.
Phobias This is where someone gets certain sensations triggered by their surroundings and again it’s a learned behaviour.  Typical phobias are:

  • Flying
  • Public speaking
  • Spiders


Relationship issues Perhaps there’s someone you work with who winds you up, perhaps your personal relationship is challenging, yet you don’t want to give up on it yet.  Sometimes there are triggers (in others) that bring out the worst in us, and the best thing we can do is change that trigger in ourselves.
Work-based Stress These days its quite common for people to get stressed-out and head for a drink, non-foods full of saturated fats, sugar and salt, or other self-destructive patterns and behaviours that feel right at the time, but end up making us feel worse.Pressures at work, managers breathing down your neck, bills to pay, roles to play in the family and with friends.  Poor coping-strategies are common and learning how to develop self-care is a very useful thing. 
According to the META-Medicine model when a UDIN occurs it tells us: All of these ‘states’ have been created by an original incident where the body starts the Two-Phases of Disease process, by going into stress.  Dependent on which part of the brain is affected at that time dictates the type of symptoms that show up.What often happens is that we ‘learn’ (subconsciously) to react in a certain way and the brain/body connection delivers the same symptoms each time the original incident (or similar) get triggered. 
All the above are reversible Because none of the above are genetic conditions it means they have been learned at some point.  And they can go back to before you were born, they can be passed down through families, but it does not mean they are not treatable, because they are.
Anti-depressant medication All the anxiety and depression medications put your body into STRESS (the first phase of disease).If you are on any medications for any of the above conditions, you will not be able to regain a ‘normal’ equilibrium, in your system, unless you decide to become medication-free. 
The GOOD News is … I can help you achieve this by working with a META-Medicine NHS Pharmacist as well as your GP to help you through that process …We will get you off the medication In a controlled manner that keeps you safe and stable during the process. 
Become human again … You can become the best of who you want to be by returning to a better version of yourself and rejoin the ‘human race’.  This way you can FEEL everything a person should feel without the need to ‘run away’.

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