Stressful times

Time marches on

Time SpiralStress builds and when we buy into leading a stressful life we may well find time factors and deadlines are often at the heart of not feeling there are enough hours in the day.  So where does it go (this TIME thing)?  🙂 …  And is it true there is no such thing as time?

Where does time go?

How is it we’re in June already and the year seems to have gone nowhere … and whoever you speak to agrees and each has their own theory … 🙂 … what’s that all about?

What it really comes down to

There is no such thing as time because we only ever have the moment and that’s quite a concept to get your head around.  After all – people will say – if  we lived like that, we’d never achieve anything or get anywhere.   But is that what LIVING IN THE MOMENT really means.

Others would say that time is a concept that was imposed onto ‘society’ (in the broader sense), to bring order into an otherwise chaotic universe.  But what say you?

Living in the Moment

Four Seasons - Longbridge RoadI’d say that ‘living in the moment’ is something we can all achieve.   There I’ve said it.  But HOW you shout out, why would you want to and what benefits would it bring for you?

Have you noticed how much people just go through the motions of things they do every day.   We’re wired to tie a shoelace without giving it a second thought or drive the car along a familiar route, without even noticing how we got to the destination.

And as much as that can be handy for the mundane processes we need to carry out, there can be a tendency to be so much in the processing that we completely miss noticing anything that’s different, or fail to comment or even challenge.

Dashing around like Dr Who

Dr WhoThis is especially important when interacting with people.   How many friends and relations do you have that treat you in the ‘same-old-way’ irrespective of what’s going on in your life, always assuming the same things about you, families do this all the time to each other and often keep each other compartmentalised in limited ways?

We’re all guilty of it … because it requires ‘mindfulness’ … and less self-obsession.  Its true that we understand the world through our personal experience but sometimes tuning into ourselves means we forget to be empathetic, or kind, or even notice a difference or change in someone or something (especially if that difference doesn’t have a direct impact on ourselves).

But what is self-obsession, is it a means to understand the world or is it about being centre of our world and all others having to dance to our tune.  It often entails the need to be ‘right’ but the funny thing is that everyone is right about their own perspective, so no-one can win on that one.

I spent far too many years living in my head, mulling over the wrongs that had been done to me, blaming others for how my life was playing out.  And then I WOKE UP!

But once we get past all of that (and the tools used here are incredible for helping with this) then we get to the real gold of what life has to offer.

As well as the answer to life’s question (as per The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe) being 42 🙂 …  its good to become calmer, which brings less frazzle, less need to impress and more of a chance to be comfortable with yourself wherever you are.  The value is immeasurable and then everything you wants starts to graduate towards you rather than you going towards it or having to chase it.

Lying Sumatran tigerCalm and Relaxed

I hope this makes sense … but the feelings I’m trying to describe are quite difficult to pin-point, because they’re intangible.  Its hard to miss an awkward feeling that held you back, once its gone.  How do you put words to that?  People say they feel lighter and brigher, because they just aren’t as troubled, life isn’t taken as seriously as it once was, and more adventure becomes possible.

Maybe you have some thoughts of your own as to how you felt when you made a significant change in your life!   It would be good to hear how you overcame whatever was holding you back from being your best self.  And if you’re not yet there … hang on in there because all you have to do is GO FOR IT! We can all have it all and although that sounds brash its perhaps the topic for another day.

I would ask you this … do you really have to dashing around and have a diary crammed full of engagements in order to feel that you are alive?  And where does your sense of ‘feeling alive’ come from?

Tell me more …

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