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As a follow up to a posting last time, I came across this article about natural mood stabilizers, called Natural Anti-Depressants by Bethany Jordan, an Information Technology professional and aspiring writer, who was clinically diagnosed with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) in 2007.  She is offering advice on the 4-best known Natural Anti-Depressants, which helps us look at other ways of addressing the issue.about

What To Consider From The Outset

If you are one of the many people around the world who is considering natural antidepressants as an alternative to the local high street dispensary medications, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn what your options are.

Before you take any herbal or natural remedies you may need to know more what you’re taking and how it may interact with other medications you’re on. It’s also advisable to consult with your doctor or herbalist in relation to taking a supplement.

You should also never make the decision to begin taking supplement or alternative to medication without the knowledge and advice of your doctor. The reason is that she may have valuable information regarding dosage, effectiveness, possible interactions with current medications and other important knowledge about the natural antidepressants.

1. St John’s Wort

This is one of the best recognized of the natural anti-depressants on the market today. This herbal remedy has developed a reputation over the years for delivering true, lasting success when treating depression and anxiety. St. John’s Wort works in much the same way that an MAOI works. More importantly, numerous studies have indicated that St. John’s Wort is equally effective when it comes to treating depression as some of the commonly prescribed depression medications.

2. Amino Acid 5-HTP

This is made from tryptophan is one of the many natural antidepressants that are on par with pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly prescribed. What makes 5-HTP stand out from others is the fact that this particular antidepressant is widely known to bring relief and healing from depression or anxiety in people who have tried various other prescription and natural alternatives without success.

3. Skullcap

As another natural anti-depressant Skullcap can have a huge impact on depression and can deliver lasting relief from headaches, fatigue, and hysteria as well. Skullcap is often prescribed to treat seizures such as those that are commonly attributed to epilepsy as well as to assist people who have been using heavy doses of prescription medications for depression live with the withdrawal symptoms that are so common when dosages are decreased or when weening completely from these strong medications.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

This one stands out from many of the other natural supplements because it works to control levels of specific chemicals in the brain. Doing this can have a significant impact on overall depression. This drug helps with depression in more ways than one. Among people who are suffering from sexual side effects as a result of anti depression medications, Ginkgo biloba works to restore sexual drive and function.

Try Them Separately

The real secret to success when considering natural antidepressants instead of some of the more risk ridden competition is to study your options. Learn what they are and what possible impact they might have on your life, your health, and your depression or anxiety. Making informed decisions about your mental health is the first step in the direction of recovery.

Would like to hear how you go with these!

Bethany Jordin maintains a website dedicated to sharing information on herbal remedies for anxiety and depression and anxiety disorders in general.

Article Source is here.

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Natural mood stabilizers combined with some of the techniques and META-Medicine incites into how psychological conditions affect the brain, makes it far easier to identify and clear than we’ve previously thought possible.


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