Internet Radio Calls On Cancer

I just learned that there is a series on Cancer with a range of practitioners who specialise in working with Cancer clients / patients.

You can listen in for free and the calls were running for 5-consecutive nights, last nights was call no 3.  They allow a 24-hr turnaround to listen in for free, which means that call number 3 is still available here … Healing Cancer World Summit No 3

Healing Cancer World Summit

I’m really looking forward to hearing the call with Charlotte Gerson where the blurb says this and hope its not been and gone already:

  • Listen in as Charlotte Gerson explains how her father “stumbled” upon his treatment for cancer
  • Discover the treatments that the Gerson Institute is using in their clinics that they say are helping people prevent and heal naturally from cancer and other degenerative diseases
  • Learn a very specific treatment that is effective for detoxification and cleansing that you can do at home – affordably

There are 10-speakers covering 5-days and I look forward to sharing more of this as the calls roll out and afterwards as I’m sure they’ll be masses of content to discuss.

I’m going to upgrade to get all the calls to play when I like which you can do too but you don’t have to, because the calls are free for 24-hours until the next night’s call.  The speakers change easch day at 8.00 pm EST (or 1.00 am the following morning for the UK).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  1. When you hear the word “cancer”, the first thing that would come into your mind would be “death”, it may not always be right away, but eventually the person having it will die. Cancer is a killer disease. We hear people who die from it, regardless of age, sex or status in life. Even money can’t stop it! It’s like a plague given to humankind.

  2. There are an increasing number of cases where people have made a significant difference by making a full recovery many of these have been achieved without having surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. because there are alternative routes. I see you write from a Yoga website, so am sure you understand the benefits of using other approaches. There are some great books on the topic too.

  3. Hi Kenji

    You’ve got through to another site, this is not Deb Thompson’s who I think you were trying to contact. You’ll find her online at – good luck.


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