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Angie Newton has been journalling her own weight loss story and progress at her site for some time.  She has a really good approach advocating a healthy regime with some treats.

Its a sensible attitude and she’s taken this because she wants to get there, reach her goal in the fastest time possible, but safely knowing she did just as her body wanted to.

Angie featured an article by me on Saturday 12th November talking about the findings of Research on Diets that has led scentists to advise us that diets don’t work – where we’re using the diets to refer to the slimming programmes that proliferate the market as we find ourselfes in the second decade of the 21st century, where Space Travel or was it just 2001 A Space Oddessy that predicted we’d all be drawing our dietary intake by tablet form.

Well maybe there was something in that, they just didn’t forsee the flood of non-foods that stacks those shelves high in the supermarkets and hypermarkets at out-of-town malls.

Stress Based Eating

I wonder what it is that finds us in this predicament!  Here we are with all sorts of scientific advancements in the world of technology and yet when it comes to the Human Body, we seem to be taking backward steps.

We’re able to connect with food-types from all over the globe, they are grown, harvested, manufactured and shipped.  Sold to the lady in the green hat.

Yet side-by-side with this we are manufacturing and eating such ‘dross’ – I wonder why?

Could it be the ‘busy’ fast-pace of life in the western model of civilisation.  Are we soooo busy that we can’t fathom our way into the kitchen these days?  Maybe!

Or are we just not making the time to consider what the only-body-we-have really requires hour-by-hour, making decisions with our heads and habits, rather than a felt-sense of what the body really needs to keep energy enhanced and lively throughout the day and evening.

META-Medicine And Weight

META-Medicine recoginises that in the first phase of disease, the sympathetic stress phasee, these hyper-foods (non-foods) are what the body naturally craves, espeically white sugar, refined carbohyrates and coffee, so as to induce the quick bursts of energy that are needed at the time when a shock occurs.

But we seem to be putting ourselves through shock after shock or are we just developing such a habit that where sweet tea was offered in a medicinal capacity (at one time) its now become the ‘norm’ and we just didn’t notice it.

What are your thoughts on the matterr?

Do you really love your refined products, would you miss them if they were to walk out of your diet, or would you quickly accommodate the change?

Weight Loss And Your Biology

These sorts of foods have been categorically connected to weight gain, and as massive contributors to low, sluggish energy, yet its so easy to open a packet and grab or pour into a dish, overn, microwave and away you go … job done … dinner is served.

Maybe it is time for those westerners among us who have lost that connection with food, family, friends and social to re-ignite the flame and swtich off the television for a bit to get us away from those TV dinners.

These are just a few meanderings, your views would be great.

If you’d like to know more thoughts about the food and dietary side of things then you can find more here.


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