Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress
Spiral Staircase

Is your life more like an upward spiralling or a downward spiralling staircase?  

If you feel it’s downward spiralling then you’re in the right place, because believe it or not, your current situation is not your fault and one of the first things I want to say is but it really is okay to stop beating yourself up.

Mood Swings

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with mood swings, stress, anxiety or depression and in additon you may have developed poor coping strategies such as addictive behaviours, like turning to food, alcohol and other unwanted self-destructive acts that give a welcome release at the time, but leave you feeling worse.   And maybe some of these aspects are impacting your personal relationships with partners, friends or family adding unwanted strain and fatigue.

The Comfort Zone

As time marches on the pattern becomes more ingrained, with that comes familiarity and for some of you it may be getting harder to imagine life any other way.  But I’m here to say it can be, and because I’ve been there with my own issues, I’ll show you how.

As a META-Medicine Practitioner (and trainer in a variety of techniques), I want to share what I’ve learned and let you in on what’s been happening to you in the biological sense within your mind, your body and however else you’re feeling the effects.

This includes anything impacting your physical health, any poor habits, challenges in relationships, couch-potato days, procrastination, sabotage, you name it.

I also want you to know that it’s okay, you’re not going mad and the best news of all is that whatever is plaguing you is-by-nature reversible.

These Techniques Work

I know it’s possible that you have tried a trillion and one ways without much success or sense of difference, but the raft of techniques used here, especially META-Medicine and EFT are right out there at the forefront of this field, they just aren’t free yet, so if like me you live in a country where healthcare is considered to be a free service, you aren’t able to ask for these yet.

That said, if you want to be free of your symptoms so you can get back or for some of you even start a brand new chapter of a normal life whatever that might be for you, then you needn’t go any further, because these tools are renowned for helping with just these issues.

Because they are personalized to your unique requirements, it means you can unravel the woollen-ball of how it all started, so you can both recognise the triggers and stop them once and for all. On this path lies the freedom to become you again, which allows the most efficient route back to wellness.  

You Do The Work

Once adopted you have an opportunity to become your own expert able to use them whenever the need arises because in-life there is always something to deal with – isn’t that how we know we’re alive? 

However this will turn into every-day stuff rather than the insurmountable challenges you’re faced with at the moment.

Your Solutions

These tools aren’t a magic potion, a one-size-fits-all and voila all your problems are solved in-one-go.  But they are quite magical in providing remarkable results in far less time than was previously thought possible.  I want to share them with you and I’d love to know what you think, so please get involved and comment as it would be great to hear your views.

I know the information you’ll find here may fly-in-the-face of what we’ve learned in the past.  All I can tell you is that from personal experience and working with others, the results can be phenomenal. 

But in case you’re still unsure, you can find out what others have said about the difference its made for them.

It might be hard to discover there ARE solutions when you think you’ve heard it all before.  But if you’re willing to stick around this is where the rubber really starts to hit the road 🙂 …

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