World Summit 2009

Just to let you know the EFT World Summit 2009 starts today at 8.00 pm EST which is 1.00 am in the UK (a tad late or early depending on your perspective) in the UK.  It’ll be on at the same time each day for 2-hrs and is running over the next 9-days. 

Each day the recording is available to play for 24-hrs only, so if you miss it you can still listen-again but only if you act swiftly otherwise you’ll miss the opportunity.

It starts today 28 April 2009.

The are covering a diverse range of topics such as:

The topics are being lead by some of the leading names in EFT today, such as:

Nick Ortner Director Of 'Try It On Everything'
  • Loretta Spark
  • Ron Ball
  • Gwenn Bonnell
  • Dr. Pat Carrington
  • Bob Doyle
  • Rue Hass
  • Lindsay Kenny
  • Dr. Alex Lees
  • Carol Look
  • Margaret Lynch
  • Sandi Radomsk
  • Loretta Sparks
  • Carol Tuttle
  • Steve Wells
  • Rick Wilkes
  • And more …

Some of these names will seem familiar and others perhaps not so well-known, but after this series they will be better known to us. 

Listening to these is highly recommended and if you haven’t already and feel it’s something that appeals to you then register here to register!

This series will contain a wealth of experience and information to enhance anyone’s personal and professional delivery of  EFT.  Hope you manage to schedule it in and that you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Nick Ortner

In 2008 Nick Ortner released the film Try It On Everything that took some case studies and a few EFT Masters, such as Carol Look and Patricia Carrington they showed what could be done with people’s health using the phenomenon that is EFT.

Most of the case studies had been written off by the health service, and were overwhelmed with the results they got after spending a week working with these EFT Practitioners. It was a great idea by film-maker Nick Ortner.

The World Summit has Nick’s sister Jessica Ortner interviewing guest practitioners where each session finds them talking about a different subject, where Jessica acts as the guinea-pig, so to speak. And the broadcasts are always hitch-free, as they’re pre-recorded, which I like, of course you lose the ability to phone in or speak to the presenter but I think that detracts from the information anyway. And with the 24-hr listen-again facility it means you can fit it in whenever it suits you.

Better still if you want to listen to them time and again, which you might, especially if you’re new to EFT and Tapping in general, there’s a lot to absorb, so buying into the full series is another way to benefit from it.

Have a listen and let and what you think.

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