Schedule For The World EFT Summit 2009

Schedule For The World EFT Summit 2009
Pat Carrington Shares Her Choices Method

Hope you’re looking forward to the EFT Summit as much as I am, its going to be one of the events of the year on the EFT calendar and has something for everyone. So bring it on and let’s get tapping, to see what changes we can make over the next 9-days. Enjoy!

The Summit’s Schedule

And if you’d like the link to join try this one – it changes with each new years programme … but still gives you the gist.

Day 1: Monday – April 20

  • Carol Look – EFT Basics
  • Nick Ortner – All About The EFT World Summit

Day 2: Tuesday – April 21

  • Dr. Pat Carrington – Choices Method
  • Carol Tuttle – How To Get The Most Out Of It

Day 3: Wednesday – April 22

  • Margaret Lynch – Clearing Debt
  • Bob Doyle – Law Of Attraction And Resistance

h3>Day 4:  Thursday – April 23

  • Gwenn Bonnell – Clearing Pain
  • Sandi Radomski – Using Tapping To Lose Weight

Day 5: Friday – April 24

  • Carol Look – The Secret To Getting What You Want (Being Congruent)
  • Rick Wilkes – Moving Through Your Vibrational Scale

Day 6: Saturday – April 25

  • Loretta Sparks – Building A Thriving Relationship
  • Rue Hass – The Highly Sensitive Person – Borrowing Benefits

Day 7: Sunday – April 26

  • Brad Yates – Creating Self-Love
  • Dr. Alex Lees – Overcoming Trauma

Day 8: Monday – April 27

  • Lindsay Kenny – Ultimate Truth Statement
  • Steve Wells – Determine Your Life Values

Day 9: Tuesday – April 28:

  • Ron Ball – Work Related Stress
  • Jessica Ortner – Advanced EFT Techniques (NLP, Metaphors, Story, etc.)

I hope you manage to catch it all and if not then as much as you can, remember you can listen again the following day and then it’s gone, unless you want to purchase the set.

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