How Disease Works

According to META-Medicine there are Two Phases Of Disease and this wonderful diagram (courtesy of Suzanne Boyd) below illustrates them perfectly.

META-Medicine’s Two Phases Of Disease

UDIN Moment

The UDIN shows us how the whole disease process begins in the first place. It starts with a trauma small, medium or large as it hits the respective part of the brain (and organ) simultaneously.

Stress Phase

Then the STRESS or Sympathetic Phase begins, which has you reaching for high-energy quick-fix foods that are found in refined sugars and carbohydrates, sleep and eating patterns become erratic, blood pressure rises and the extremities become cold.

Reversal Point

Then something resolves the issue which can occur in the sleep, where you just waken up one day feeling okay about what happened (no conscious awareness). But if you’re awake when it reverses, it will be another event that turns everything round from what occurred at the UDIN stage where you feel okay, and the stress stops.

Repair Phase

Then the HEALING or Para-Sympathetic Phase begins, which is when the physical symptoms arrive and this phase splits into 3-parts:

  1. The hot, temperature ridden first part (runny nose with a cold for example)
  2. The Healing Crisis, when symptoms are at their peak (i.e. headache and other symptoms at their worst)
  3. The warm recuperative part when you want to keep warm and cosy, eat nourishing foods again, blood pressure lowers and the body wants lots of sleep

This is a simple explanation of how the whole process works and I’m sure you can relate to it. This model gives such an elegant system where the brain informs the body and vice-versa and helps demonstrate that disease is not a random mistake, as with all nature there is cause and effect.

However, you might be saying to yourself, well if it is such an orderly system, why do people have symptoms that go on for years and years, and that’s where the next part of the puzzle is solved.

It’s The Learning

Firstly, we’ve not been aware that disease is a process, so we’ve missed the part where we’re meant to understand that a disease has happened for a reason, i.e. protecting your system from the original trauma, where part of the system shut down through disease in order to protect you.

But if we get on board with the META-Medicine model we may relief symptoms quicker, although it can take time, dependent on how may times similar triggers, around a condition, have occurred.

So let’s dig deeper, the original cause of a disease has to be cleared, but if consciously learning about the origins isn’t enough to become free of the symptoms (and it is for some) then other tools and techniques are applied, such as the emotional clearing techniques mentioned on this site.

Once an original trauma is cleared then a person will be free of the symptomology, and that might be a challenge for some. However, it’s easier because talking over the past is not the emphasis here, instead the relevant experiences are found more efficiently through very specific questioning, to enable a trauma to leave the system.

As an alternative health practitioner this model has made the biggest difference in how I work to release past trauma, while understanding how it came about. And what’s lovely for clients is that I don’t even need to know the details, as the insights are for their benefit, not mine.

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