The META-Healing Process

What Is The META-Healing Process
The META-Healing Process

Okay you may be saying to yourself, not another technique that no-one’s heard of, another of those techniques that are raved about within the practitioner field, you know the one where everyone who works in that area knows about it, but no-one else in the real world has a clue what it is, how it works, what makes it different, nor what it helps with.

The Heart And The Brain

So what is The META-Healing Process and what makes it so good. It kind of goes like this, recent discoveries have shown how serious emotional shocks are lodged in the brain and body and if you can get on board with that, we can go on to say that it’s now also known that the heart is deeply involved (as part of the process).

The heart picks up and transmits information between the body and the outside world, which subsequently affects how we interact with others, our inner and outer worlds. And it’s now understood that the heart gets the information before the brain does.

Richard Flook’s META-Healing Process

Richard Flook is innovative (and he’s been my META-Medicine mentor and teacher since October 2010). He’s always busy, he’s experimental, he won’t take no for an answer, all qualities I respect, because people like him and the wealth of experience he brings to the table enable the boundaries to be challenged and changed to allow new information in.

The META-Healing Process is solely Richard’s technique and it draws from a wide range of modalities:

  • META-Medicine**
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • HeartMath
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)**
  • TLT (Time Line Therapy)**
  • NES miHealth(and as re-editing this (01.06.12)

** Richard is a Master Trainer/Practitioner in these techniques

How Susceptible Are You

Richard started working with NLP 20-yrs ago and with that depth of client experience noticed how slowly some people took to heal whereas some were much quicker, he also recognized that very often the energy people were carrying around was not actually theirs.

To explain this better, you simply need to know that as humans we are wired to be susceptible, and you only have to look to the marketing world and how it takes full advantage of our psychological state, to understand how pliable we are. When it comes to making change, especially deep change to become free of something that really doesn’t serve us well, this susceptibility is an asset.

It’s important to be able to get on board with ourselves, instead of being certain it may work for other people but it won’t work for me. And what is more some people pride themselves on this but even that is learned, and they are simply resisting themselves not the technique.

Susceptible To Other People’s Energy

What this means in terms of The META-Healing Process is that we often discover that we (and clients) have inherited someone else’s energy or behaviour, because we learn most from observation and we adorn those aspects like an article of clothing although we’re not even aware of it.

Once we become aware that an energy, set of responses, or behaviours actually belong to someone else we can let them go and that is a lovely aspect with MHP. And even when it’s our own energy that too can be released back into the wild so we can get on with being the improved (and freer) version of ourselves.

I’m going to leave it there today, because The META-Healing Process is quite magical and can happen quickly, and as there’s so much more to explain in how it works, I think that picking that up another time will save overwhelming you today.

If you want to check out Richard’s website he is selling this programme as a boxed DVD series, so you can go find out a bit more about that. Or tune back in next week and I’ll be explaining the actual process in more detail, and if you have a particular disease example you’d like me to use as the example, please just say and the most popular one will be the demo.

As of today 1 June 2012 I have just completed my 5-case studies for NES Health in tandem with Richard Flook to test The META-Healing Process combined with the miHealth machine with extra settings that draw from the learnings of META-Medicine – and there are very few people around who have this feature.

Hoping to hear the results later on this month and will update as and when.

On the other hand I’m starting trainings in The META-Healing Process from October 2012 in Kent.


  1. hi, I’m interested in the meta healing concept. I’m an aromatherapist and reflexologist. Can you tell me roughly what the meta healing process involves, ie is it counselling or what? could it be used as part of a reflexology treatment for example?

  2. Jane says

    Hi Fiona, over time the META-Healing Process has turned into something that is now called ACE (Accelerated Clearing Energetics). It is something you can use as an Aromatherapist & Reflexologist, because it heals (alongside what you already do) on the emotional level, without having to use talk-type therapy. There’s a little more information on my newer website, where I’m an ACE trainer where I’m planning an online training if you’d like details when the dates are organised. Here’s a link to the current one for now:

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