The Process Of META-Healing

The Process Of META-Healing
The META-Healing Process

Last time we looked at the susceptibility of the human condition and the importance of giving yourself up to the process, without which there is no help out there, because we are not automatons and have to give our consent. We were looking at this specifically in relation to The META-Healing Process (M.H.P.).

Because you guided through the work where there is little need to share what you discover. This also reduces the time spent imparting info back and forth, and is very instinctive on both parts.

What Is The M.H.P. Process

The META-Healing Process is a 3-step harmony and can be carried out in any order, so just be aware that the order shown below is flexible and you’d be more likely to go through it intuitively with a client, yourself, or a practitioner with you. Let’s look at pain as our example:

1. The Organ

Go to the affected area and see if you can hear any words, see any pictures, have any feelings or memories, tastes or smells. If so follow through on those, and a range of actions are available.

2. The Brain

Go to the part of the Medulla in the brain and again go through as in 1. The Organ. When adding the miHealth there is an even deeper impact by accessing the required information more efficiently.

3. The Heart

Go to the heart and as in 1. The Organ and again run through to access the required information.

The NES miHealth

The Process Of META-Healing
NES miHealth Machine

If using the Mind miHealth handheld machine (from NES Health) helps accelerate the effects of the required NES Infoceuticals, which in the earlier example would be CMH (Medulla) for muscular-skeletal pain (mostly) unless there is more going on, which can happen and may require a diversion.

The machine is placed either on or above the affected area and treated. The miHealth is proving even quicker than META-Medicine and the META-Healing Process where the Mind addition an even newer development (over the last 6-mths) due to a collaboration between my META-Medicine Master Trainer, Richard Flook and NES miHealth Developers Peter Fraser & Harry Massey. This is new and exhilarating.

Although there is not masses written here about the process, that’s because great allowance is made for flexibility and introduction of a range of techniques, as and when they are required by the recipient.

The META-Healing Process is one of the best techniques around, because although it’s based on META-Medicine, as the receiver you don’t need to understand how it works, but if you want to learn it there is far more especially once you start to understan

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