Laws Of Attraction

This is a series about the Law of Attraction, what do we know about it here in Folkestone … a sleepy little seaside town … where nothing much happens and people often resist change … cos change is not something we’re always so comfortable with.  Often its that we put ourselves last on the list … you know the list, the one we often make up in our heads that will happen once everything else has been achieved … But often the list is no more ambitious than a shopping list or the ‘to do’ list for today … renew the insurance, go to the tip etc.

Is It The Secret

Since learning about the Law of Attraction … stay with me here … it may sound a bit like double-take time … but it seriously works … and what is it … well its scientifically proven that we are made up of cells that vibrate at their subtlest level and those vibrations attract other similar or sometimes polar opposites … just the way a household battery does 🙂

Bizarre I know …  But of course there’s more to it because we are far more complex of a species than a mere Duracell … And its exciting when you decide to jump aboard, because you start to realize that many of the things you thought were unrealistic shall we say, things you could only dream of, start to become more realizable in the now of life, you don’t have to wait until you either retire or die 🙂 and that’s such great news right?  And it doesn’t matter what your background, education, creativity skills, are, none of those things are required.  The difference is made in the way you think.

What You Think Is What You Create

I’ve started coining this phrase – What you Think is What you Create – I like phrases (and words) as it goes.  It sometimes gets me into trouble 🙂 as a play on words can lead to all sorts of areas some would not venture …  When it works its glorious!  And I could give you a list of favourite words and phrases that I’ve adopted over the years, but of course they come and go and times (and we) change too!   But this is the latest and its all mine .:) … Now it may sound, what I’ve heard some Americans refer to as woo-woo … but you decide … I suspect its not … And you can too.

That Car Parking Space In Folkestone’s Multi-Storey Car Park

Have you ever driven into the Town Centre – for me that’s Folkestone – and hoping to get a car parking space, only to find that actually you get the last one … you can’t believe it, but it happened and you feel a little … well smug as it goes 🙂  … For me this started happening when I worked at Saga Holidays … When I was on the late shift 11.00-19.00, it was impossible to get a staff member space … because the public had started coming into town to shop by that time in the morning … and they shared the facility.  But then I started mentally requesting a spot before I set off … and whenever I did I got one … sometimes the last one and that felt very good. indeed  You’ve probably done it too 🙂  Well it turns out that Car Parking Spaces are just the beginning … There’s more 🙂

Ultimately isn’t life about being tuned in, living responsibly, caring for our nearest and dearest and being the best of who we are for ourselves with lots of fun thrown in!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    I’m learning more bout the Law of Attraction. I agree with you 100%. I look foward to more post from you.
    .-= Dan Harless´s last blog ..Positive Subconscious Money Affirmations =-.

  2. Many thanks Dan

    In fact I started a series yesterday – in time for the New Year – to explore the whole area of Prosperity that you may find of interest … As you probably know there is far more to prosperity than money … that’s an important aspect … but we have to weedle out our learned behaviours and beliefs around these topics in order to open the flood gates to allow all those lovely things in …


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