How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight
Eating To Feed Stress

How to lose weight is something you may want to change and this topic is close to my heart.  From experience I agree with recent claims that for the majority of us (75-78%) Diets Don’t Work for a variety of reason.

Here are some:

  • They address symptoms not causes
  • The altered eating habits send our system confused messages
  • The subsequent consequences are that over 2-5 yrs periods following, in 78% of cases the weight slips back on

Do You Want To Change Your Weight

It’s simple enough, we have to change our relationship with food, and anything else that decides it wants to step up as replacement for the vacancy 🙂  …  But once we attend to that the habit is broken and we’ll no longer use over-eating or under-eating as a crutch to lean on or take comfort from.  Of course people want to reduce their weight for a range of reasons such as:


  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart

Self Image

  • Want to look good in clothes
  • Feel good in ourselves
  • Have more energy


Aren’t most of us just happy enough indulging in all manner of distractions that lead away from paying attention to the small nagging internal voice forever nudging and imposing itself?  But the thing about eating (and what is unique about changing eating habits when compared to other compulsive behaviours) is that we have to eat to live , and meet the challenge on a daily basis anywhere from 2-5 times depending on how your preferences and beliefs.

Simultaneously, isn’t there a lot to be said for those old standards like a little of what you fancy does you good OR everything in moderation? Which isn’t to take away from reducing weight but instead to remove media-induced pressure to be a size 10, and where did it all go so horribly wrong that we even consider size zero to be a goal weight?

If you want to be a perfect 10 (UK) then it may be possible (dependent on your age and frame) and I wish you all the very best with it.  But most of us would settle for a 12-14 and be very happy, especially when releasing the anxiety behind our eating mis-behaviours is probably a far more useful area to focus in on.

Ultimately tuning into ourselves, in order to care for others requires us to be the best of who we are together with lots of fun thrown in!  Ultimately the body knows what it needs at any particular time, we just need to hone in on its messages.

Emotional Eating

Overeating due to the stresses of modern life is common enough, nay it’s positively encouraged by the food manufacturers albeit the good, the bad and the downright ugly, but not making enough time to be with yourself in order to re-energise and be the best of who you are, hardly gets a look-in.

Most of us are busy-busy, keeping our heads down, working away, meeting commitments and deadlines, carrying out responsibilities, but what’s less common is a raft of good coping strategies during down-time. We each have to seek out what’s best for us, as and when we’re ready, because we can’t receive what we’re not open to, and no-one can know as well as we what we need at any given time, due to my life long search for answers to questions, in order to feel better and stop reaching for food to fill the gap.

It’s up to you to find great ways to replenish yourself and your body, and take better care of yourself, because the bottom-line is that no-one else really can. You may fall ill and someone can nag you to see a doctor, take a pill, get some exercise, eat well, get out into the fresh air, and more besides. But it’s only you that can take the decision where you need to do something to improve on what you don’t want in your life.

Emotional overeating is a poor strategy by anyone’s standards, as much as it may feel good at the time. If this is your pattern then maybe you’re ready to do things differently so you can feel differently in order to engage more fully and consciously in your life. Apart from anything or anyone else you really owe it to yourself.

How Does It Work?

Here at ABC Simple As (and Kick The Dieting Habit) the techniques are make deeper lasting change because they work on what lies behind the patterns and are all the softer for it.  We work together using a range of appropriate techniques to get you away from whatever’s been holding you back for 1-yr, 5-yrs, 10-yrs maybe more.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly the shift occurs once you make the decision.  And just in case you’re wondering, these techniques aren’t about trawling over the past, but instead you’ll feel differently relatively quickly.

Kick The Dieting Habit

If you want to know a bit more about this whole topic and the service that is on offer through ABC Simple As then you may want to wander over to Kick The Dieting Habit to see what goes on over there or just get in contact to ask your questions and explore in more detail how things can be different for you.

Is now the right time for you? Because if it is you won’t find any better long-term solutions anywhere, I promise you. How can I make such a bold claim, well it’s because the information I use is not widely known yet, which currently makes my service unique. And if you sign up to the KTDH newsletter you’ll learn more about it there.

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