World Summit 2012

Nick Ortner Founder Of The World Summit 2012

It’s that time of year again and I love this event.

Nick Ortner leads the EFT World Summit (2012) and this year there is another myriad of presenters alongside the mainstays in EFT such as Carol Look and Patricia Carrington.

As has become traditional for the event (and this is the fourth time) there will be two calls per day, the Red Room and the Green Room, where you have a 24-hour chance to catch up before they go offline. There is the chance to buy into the programme and listen at your leisure and this is a great way to dig into the materials when you’ve time to absorb it better.

The great thing about doing it this way is that you will tap along with the experts, as well as gaining the insights as to what is driving a particular behaviour.

This year’s programme is here:

DAY 1 – Emotional Gridlock:

How to Get Out Of Your Own Way To Get What You Want

  • Presentation #1: Breaking Through The Fear Of Failure And The Fear Of Success
  • Presentation #2: Overcoming Overwhelm For A Life Of Success

DAY 2 – Pain Relief With Tapping:

Why It Works Over And Over Again And How You Can Use it Today To Get Relief

  • Presentation #1: A Faster Solution: Understanding And Healing Pain And Illness
  • Presentation #2: Physical Pain And The Emotion Of Resentment: A Surprising Connection

DAY 3 – You Deserve More:

How To Create Your Financial Success

  • Presentation #1: Speeding Up The Transition From Debt To Wealth
  • Presentation #2: Overcome Resistance And Fear Around Sales And Growing Your Business

DAY 4 – The Formative Years:

Overcoming Negative Childhood Programming with Tapping

  • Presentation #1: How Your Identity Rules Your Life
  • Presentation #2: Healing Pain From Your Childhood

DAY 5 -Weight Loss:

Why Tapping Works When Nothing Else Does

  • Presentation #1: Body Image And Weight Loss: Something That Finally Works
  • Presentation #2: Food Cravings: How To Take Control

DAY 6 – Procrastination And Perfectionism:

The Two Most Common Blocks To Moving Forward

Presentation #1: The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination (It’s Easier Than You Think!)
Presentation #2: Why Perfectionism Might Be Ruining Your Life

DAY 7 – How to Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams With Tapping

  • Presentation #1: Finding Peace With Bad Breakups And Letting Go Of Old Relationships
  • Presentation #2: Manifesting Your Soul Mate (Now!)

DAY 8 – Supercharging Your Tapping

  • Presentation #1: Energy Medicine And Tapping: A Perfect Marriage
  • Presentation #2: Opening Up Your Options – The Choices Method

DAY 9 – Try It On Everything:

The Widespread Use of EFT

  • Presentation #1: EFT and Sports: The Mainstream Breakthroughs That You Can Use Today to Improve Performance
  • Presentation #2: Tapping Into Deep, Peaceful, Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia

DAY 10 – Integration Day

  • Presentation #1: Integration Day
  • Presentation #2: Personal Peace Procedure

And It’s Absolutely FREE

Just go and sign up here and you can join in the calls starting on … MONDAY 7 MAY … As you can see they run twice a day and have a 24-hr listen-again option.

If you want to listen to them time and again then there is an option to buy the recordings and .pdf transcriptions.

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