Changing Habits

Changing Habits
Getting High On Life

Does this resonate? “I’m afraid of change”

New beginnings and changing habits can be fearful, we put things off, where anything and everything can keep us away from a work-life balance. Straying outside the comfort-zone takes some doing, and there may be a range of excuses you conjure up, at the drop of a hat, in order not to go there, such as:

  • What will others (he or she) say?
  • Will it rock the boat?
  • Will they still love me?
  • Can I succeed?
  • What if I fail?
  • Will I look stupid?
  • I’m too busy
  • What’s yours?

Changing Habits For Good

But it’s natural enough to feel this way when you’re about to embark on something different, just think back to when you first started school, where a mixture of excitement and fear coalesced.

You’ve been there dozens of times since, so you know how it feels to make change, and how good we are at painting ourselves into a corner during the pre-amble, where that pleasantly surprised feeling of relief takes over once the deed is underway.

This is especially so when it comes to changing habits, patterns or behaviours that no longer serve us. You might even think there’s something wrong with you, that your wiring is dodgy, or feel certain that you’re just a hopeless case.

Breaking Bad Habits

But the good news is that whatever you are telling yourself, in the wee small hours of feeling hopeless, through the chattering inner-voice that won’t shut up, it’s okay and it’s NOT your fault. It just is, but it needn’t stay that way, because most things are pretty-much reversible, provided you’re willing to play along with the easier way of changing habits.

The thing is we’re geared for change, the physiology relies on it, nature demands an ebb and flow. We need fresh influences to inspire an energized life where we can inspire ourselves that in turn inspires others through the process, whether it’s your family, friends, in your business or at work.

You owe it to yourself and others to get onboard with you in order to change your mindset which makes the biggest difference for change, so you can open those Great Expectation windows, pull down the drapes of predictability keeping you shrouded and dull and let in the light.

How Does It Work

Memories are held at a cellular level and every time you’ve attempted to address let’s say weight-loss, in the past and failed, they are held in your body’s physiology and as you make yet another attempt, the previous attempts are sitting there holding onto all the times you’ve failed (in your eyes) or someone else’s.

It’s like a memory bank, similar to the number of times your bank account has ever gone overdrawn, you can feel it maybe in your gut or somewhere in your system, if you take a moment to tune into it.

These failed attempts are haunting your determination for success – this time – and these past feelings of let-down and disappointment can be cleared from your system, in order that you now achieve the results you actually want.

The added benefit is that this clearing process (which is no more than a gentle tapping on the ends of the upper body and facial meridian points) will effect a faster change in your equilibrium so you can have your desired weight-loss, ideal relationship (without having to lose your current partner if you don’t want to) and a restored healthy body.

Changing For Good

If you want to change something in your life, albeit a chronic disease, a relationship that’s stuck, or a weight issue that has been going on for longer than you care to remember, get in contact with Jane to arrange a free introductory chat.

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