EFT Tapping On Animals

Meridian Points On A Dog

I received an email from Shirley who attended an EFT Level 1 Training with me last weekend (that link shows a handy-dandy quick (90 sec) video testimonial from another participant, Evelyn, on how she found using EFT).

I’d mentioned to the group that EFT Tapping On Animals is another use, and an impartial way of measuring the beneficial effects of EFT because animals either improve or they don’t.

Diane is bowled over by EFT and how quickly it worked for her and the other students, and was wondering how to tap on her somewhat boisterous dog.

Although I’ve heard about EFT for animals and had done a little on a cat I took care of for a short while, I hadn’t really looked into the specifics.

Sylvia Hartmann

I decided to Google it and the first site I came upon was Sylvia Hartmann’s which was a very happy coincidence.

I was presenting at the same event as Sylvia a couple of weekends ago, I had no preconceptions and she turned out to be one of my favourite speakers. She is such a delight; eccentric, charming, funny, and had the whole room in the palm of her hand as we laughed and tapped along with her.

Dr Sylvia Hartmann is the Founder of AMT The Association Of Meridian And Energy Therapies.

EFT For Dogs

Afterwards I asked Sylvia what she had done before she came across EFT (she was one of it’s very early adopters)? She said she was a dog behavioural researcher and she’d been working on a project to determine if there was a ‘rage gene’ present in the German Shepherd Alsatian breed.

But she had a realization that the one thing missing from her many books and papers was the concept of LOVE and it’s impact. Her lightbulb moment!

Diane’s question together with finding Sylvia’s site on my first search, seemed synchronistic and writing it up too good an opportunity to miss.

Sylvia now researches EFT and is a prolific writer … this is her latest book on Energy EFT.

EFT Tapping On Animals

So EFT for dogs, cats, horses and whatever else you have in your menagerie is a wonderful way to use these techniques on them, in order for them to develop a calmer, steadier centre in their lives, while integrating better into your family.

I suggest you go over to Sylvia’s site to check out the wonderful diagram and instructions she has on there, apply and adapt them for your other animals too.

And Check out Sylvia’s information for tapping on dogs .

I’d love to hear how you get on … and I’ll be reporting back here on how Diane who started this gets on with her pet.

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