Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Comedian Jon Richardson

I was really interested to watch Jon Richardson (Twitter handle @ronjichardson) … 🙂 … on Channel-4 last night, because it featured him tracking meeting with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) sufferers (and family members) in a quest to compare his ‘quirky’ behaviours with those already diagnosed, in order to determine whether he too has the condition, that culminates in his seeing a top UK Specialist for an assessment of his own.

His comedy often refers to his minor obsessions with tidiness and order, and funnily the documentary saw him following up with previous housemates when at Bristol University, among which was ‘Russell’ but not of the Brand or Kane variety but the other one, is it just me that doesn’t see his funny side?

What Is OCD?

Here is a definition from Wikipedia:

Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions.

That reference goes on to say that between a third and a half of all adults suffering with OCD claim it began during their childhood. No surprise there then!

The Cases

Four examples were trotted out in ascending order of severity and Richardson was dutifully respectful to each and every one. He understands!

The final case of a mum with OCD, had worked out that she ‘inherited’ it from her father, and passed it on to her son, who died while taking his PhD. Her son’s condition worsened to the point of being incapable of making contact with furniture (for fear of contamination) which included the settee and the bed. It was sad to see the cause of death shown on the certificate was OCD. She said he had taken to pacing all night and day, which led to the irrational decision of taking of killing himself.

Hoarding is another symptom that occurs in some, and there was a Channel-4 documentary featured earlier this year where the man is being revisited later this week in a programme that will endeavour to help him clear the wall high stack of newspapers and other junk he has accrued, he is an extreme case having to slither through slits of available door space, that makes his indoors look more like a caving expedition. Still it managed to contain a film-crew! I do hope they aren’t too brutal with him when it comes to tearing down his obsession, because he will definitely need some emotional support.

META-Medicine And OCD

Let’s look at what the META-Medicine model tells us about the condition shall we? Firstly, you need to get on board with the concept that all disease and behaviours are created and driven by a pattern of learning. And this occurs at a point of high-stress, which can be caused by something as simple as being humiliated in front of whole class when you were 7 by a teacher (who knew no better), to something very traumatic, like the death of a spouse and worse.

Here’s a reminder of what the model is about, and the two phases of disease.

When the mum said she inherited it from her father, and wishes she’d never been born rather than pass it onto her son, our understanding now is that it’s not a genetic condition as such, yet can certainly be learned and stored in the cellular memory. What’s the difference you might ask?

It’s this, Dr Bruce Lipton tells us in his book The Biology Of Belief that ‘it’s the environment stupid’, his words, he can be over-excitable but he’s just so darned happy to share the information which drives his passion.

What it means it that we learn by observing all the older influences that infiltrate our very young lives, and store them as behavioural pattens in the subconscious, just as Jon probably picked up his condition from his mum and her anxieties as a young mum, revealed during the programme.

META-Medicine identifies two Cerebral Cortex (what we call) ‘conflicts’ or upsets, which are both stored on the left side of the brain. One is ‘territory-fear’ with an autism link through the laryngeals, possibly connected to motor-speech. The other ‘conflict’ is ‘territory-loss’ associated a mild-aggressive link through the coronary veins, cervix or seminal vesicle, which could have a heart or sexual connection. More information would be sought to understand the connection for the individual.

Mental Health

The good news is that this and any other mental health problem is reversible. Great news right, and hold me back here, but no pharmaceutical drugs are required, how cool is that? And this means people don’t have to live in the hazy-fog of a drug regime, but can instead work on learning the insights that help to clear this entirely from their energy system. We carry everything energetically and getting free of our ‘stuff’ quickly and easily is one of the best discoveries in recent neurological history especially the information that Ryke Geerd Hamer mapped. And this is what the META-Medicine model is based on.

The upshot is that OCD has a set pattern that sits in the brain’s cerebral cortex and META-Medicine knows which conflicts to go for.

As a META-Medicine Health Coach I help people with this and other conditions, where every condition has a different pattern.

If you’d like to know more, drop me a line here, phone or email, you can have a free chat to explore in more detail.

Would love to hear your questions, comments or thoughts on this, if you want to test yourself here’s the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale referred to in Wikipedia’s page, and likely to be the test we saw Jon taking.

The outcome for Jon is a brighter one, he doesn’t have the Disorder part of the condition, therefore he has control over it and can keep it contained. And as much as that was good news for him, the programme had an effect on his wellbeing from seeing the challenges others undergo, on a daily basis.

Getting Symptom-Free

If you are interested in treating yours in another way to those shown on the documentary, the information you’ll learn here allows you to become symptom-free. A bold claim but nevertheless all that’s required is to get onboard with yourself and decide you want a different outcome, and as the quantum sciences are already showing us now we’re fully immersed in the 21st Century, is that most conditions are reversible, even ancestral patterns.

If you’d like to know more, become free of your condition, just contact us here, phone or email here.

It starts with a free consultation!

PS – have purposely not used any of the participants names.


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