Stressed Out

Stressed Out
Relaxation And Meditation

Is stress a 21st century condition?  Has it always been around?  Did people just deal with it differently before?  What are the answers?  It seems as though stress is a recent condition because it’s only over the last 150+ yrs that there have been such massive changes in the pace of life, in westernized countries anyway.

And this seems to be emphasized whenever we catch a television documentary where another culture appears to be far more leisurely, relaxed and accepting?

Stress A 21st Century Condition

My view is the change has evolved with post-industrialization, where technology changed everything, yet there’s no doubt that we live in very exciting times.

Executive Stress

But some people are suffering with the pace, especially those in high-powered jobs, rushing to meet deadlines with the embedded cost penalties applied where a fail incurs and people made accountable.

Yet we’re only human and that’s a factor that sometimes gets overlooked.  We’re not machines able to churn out perfect information and meet targets without hitches, like a production line.  And we often pay with our health which materializes through the body.  Its a tough gig.  Will your company understand and be sympathetic, even empathetic, because there could well be someone waiting their opportunity to step in to replace you.

The Stress Ball

But these days it’s not so unusual for larger company’s (at least) to provide some stress-reducing activities their employees can take advantage of.  Perhaps a lunch-time session of neck and shoulder massage, or a little midday relaxation through a pedicure to enliven the feet or such, so they are ready once more to tread the synthetic office carpet, kicking up all that static day in day out.

Others may suffer at a deeper level, taking their work-felt stress home and getting angry with their nearest and dearest and not spending as much quality time with them, and time spent may not be as restorative as it should be. Perhaps road rage kicks in behind the wheel, of maybe unhelpful habits kick in, like drinking too much, or smoking to break up the day, or just simply finding it hard to switch off and play.

The Good Stress

A bit of stress can be a good thing, those pressures that introduce an adrenalin rush engaging the more creative side of you, which helps the endorphins and serotonin production that tells us we’re alive. The danger signals are clearly when we find it difficult to switch off and recharge the batteries by having a chill-out with some good old rest, relaxation and quiet time.

What To Do If You Feel Stressed Out

There are plenty of things to do to reclaim help you find a calmer you, such as joining an exercise class, like yoga, tai chi or pilates. These are less energetic aerobic forms of exercise that help on a number of levels, the idea is to reconnect with your inner self and spend some time with yourself.

The benefits are in allowing you to notice when you’re out-of-sorts, because the long-term stress state tends to find us over-riding the cues. This form of exercise works at the deepest level of the organs, blood circulation and breathing among others.  Or you might prefer to increase the heartbeat through a number of anaerobic forms of exercise, like swimming, walking, dancing, cycling etc, one thing is for sure, you don’t have to join a gym. But finding something you really enjoy helps enormously.

If Not That Try This

If you’re not able to find the recharge switch without one stimulant or another to coax the process then perhaps you’d like a session here at ABC Simple As to help you get back to the more connected and centred part of you so you can again enjoy being with (in every sense) your family and friends, and the passionate feelings you had for all areas of your life that may just have gone out to lunch when the stress took over.

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