Being overweight is no fun, yet obesity is on the increase and now kids are affected and health risks are increasing with lots of controversy around where the responsibility lies.

Is it the government, the FSA, parents, schools, supermarkets or just plain old us.

I’m putting together a report to unveil the myths and magic behind Weight Control Using Easier Methods, where this may be a forerunner to a local course running from September.  And if that happens to be a topic close to your heart then you’ll want to catch it.

Its a 7-Things You Should Know report and shares the myriad of information I’ve collected over the years in my own journey to becoming freer around food where the headings are going to be along the lines of the following:

  • The Magic
  • The Science
  • The Facts
  • The Blooming Obvious
  • The Fun Part
  • The Boring Bit
  • The Future

If this of any way interest to you, I’m considering organizing a local group to work on these sorts of changes and topics are likely to cover food cravings and anything else you might find useful.

I’ll let you know here when the report is available, although it’s more likely to be explored in more detail over on my Weight Control site at Kick The Dieting Habit.

Drop a line if this is of any interest at all and just contact us for more information.

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