Healthy Weight

Would you like to be a healthy weight, have you given up hope, or are you on yet another eating plan in the vane hope of achieving your long-term goals at long last.

I’m offering a monthly chance to address the demons around food cravings and the like, so you can get some relief from those same patterns of behaviour that scupper your attempts to reach your target weight and keep it off.

This will be a chance to work with yourself alongside other like-minded people while make lasting change to your weight?   Perhaps it sounds too good to be true?  After all you may have tried countless diets and failed, but this really IS different.

It’s important not to beat yourself up for whatever has happened in the past because it’s not you and it’s not your fault.

Diets haven’t been working for most people for one simple reason, they rely too heavily on willpower, which can only take so much before it caves-in, and more importantly they don’t make any deeper changes to address your relationship with food, so you come out the other end with little in the way of insights.  And we’ve all been there!

If you’re currently on a diet and would like a helping hand then this will assist you to address the pitfalls so it’s not dismissing diets, just the results that most people on diets have found up to now. We’d love that to change!

Kick The Dieting Habit

What Kick the Dieting Habit will show you is some alternative ways of making the difference and give you a range of techniques from which you can draw-on in any given situation. And ultimately your relationship with food and eating will change, without anything like the struggle you’ve experienced previously.

I’m starting a one-off 6-wk course beginning soon in the Folkestone area.  It’ll be a small group.  If you commit to the 6-sessions up front you get it for the ridiculously discounted price of £30.00 otherwise a wkly drop-in session costs £7.50  with limited numbers, so please book early.  (As of mid August this changed into a 1-day 6-hr course running 12 September, 24 October and 14 November).

UPDATE – 2012

As of May 2012 there will be a new programme rolling out on a monthly basis … mostly for cravings and whatever else come up after that.

Carried out on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in Folkestone this is a real chance to absolutely change your feelings around the foods that have you jumping through hoops and diving into the cupboards for those secretive binges. The price is £15.00 which is approximately £3.75 a week … peanuts when compared with the behaviours you can change.

Drop a line if its of interest so we can give you more details.

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