EFT And It’s Efficacy

Tapping On The Body Meridian Points

A new report published in December 2012 talks about the benefits of using a certain type of Energy Psychology using a system of tapping round certain points in the body and how it is helping those with mental health issues.

It is of course referring to EFT (and TFT) Tapping, and it’s use as a clinical and self-help modality that combines verbal and physical procedures to make therapeutic change.

Integrating Methodologies

It’s becoming more apparent that growing time restraints, growing numbers needing help with mental health issues and mounting stress that room can be made for newer techniques that are showing themselves to be super efficient at clearing past trauma (and in some cases not so much trauma in the traditional sense) but also super-sensitivity to situations and people.

I was invited to train a closed group of counselors, teachers and therapists as part of their CPD last year and they really like how quickly they were able to get to an event, uncomfortable feeling, that created the disharmony they worked on.

The pitfall for them was that as they all specialised in working with children, and their particular organisation (who I won’t name) haven’t yet recognised the Energy Psychology’s for general use within their practitioner practices.

The Importance Of The Research

Which gives this type of research paramount importance, so we can get these efficient, effective and non-invasive techniques integrated into the services psychotherapists already offer – in order to help clients – as quickly as possible.

We want to see this up and running as soon as we possible in order to help more people feel better, faster, and as the pace of life gets busier, it’s becoming essential for the mainstream services to open up to these new understandings.

And the more those traditional fields become receptive the more research will be commissioned, which those of us using EFT, TFT and other Meridian therapies would welcome it.

Experiencing the way these tools shift the energy, is evidence in itself, but it needs qualifying with reports like this one that help the mainstream take it seriously and integrate it into their own practices, as healthcare professional, psychotherapists, counsellors and teachers.

I for one welcome it with open-arms and look forward to masses more research, because we know there is good-clean science behind what is going on in the meridian energy system and it wouldn’t be a far cry for those who already deal in scientific terminology to reach across and evaluate for themselves.

As mentioned experiencing it is key and that leaves no uncertainly when you can be someone who has been troubled by something going on in your life, and within a relatively short span of time, have a completely new perspective, and emotional response to what may have been plaguing you for decades in some cases.

That has got to be work further investigation hasn’t it? And of course it is, but let’s have more.

What Difference Does Tapping On The Meridians Make?

This isn’t just good for food cravings and phobias, it helps with deep-rooted anxiety, depression, pain, incredibly painful past trauma’s, hopelessness, helplessness, having no real sense of identification or purpose.

This brings people back into alignment and some people have NEVER felt that, they almost don’t feel they’re worth it nor dream they could ‘fit-in’. Of course life is not about fitting-in with others but more about feeling good enough about yourself so you are fully integrated into being your self, which is what makes it much easier to fit in.

And the confidence that exudes from feeling integrated with yourself is what leads to being so with others, and is what makes a significant difference to how you act with others, and once you find your authentic self it means you’re the same whether with others or when no-one else is around.

If you want to see if this can help you with something you’ve not worked your way out of, albeit physical symptoms, mood swings, behaviours and compulsions, that alienate you in some way from yourself and others then please call me to explore, just send a contact by clicking here.

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