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I came across an article by one of my mentors and wanted to share it with you … you can find details for this practitioner AnaMaria Herrera, at the bottom of the page.  She has a marketing background and shares EFT techniques for all types of practitioners. with a friendly approach. This is her article:

A Question About EFT

I was recently asked about Emotional Freedom Techniques by someone who was very curious and she asked me “What was so beneficial or different about tapping?”

What a great question~ here is my summary and why I personally love EFT::

  • Convenient and portable: EFT can be done anywhere.  Because we just use our fingers to ‘tap’ on points on our face and hands and torso you can do EFT anywhere and anytime.
  • Easy to learn and use: takes minutes to learn. In fact, EFT is being taught to young children.  The basics are easily learned and taught to young people, as well as folks from all ages and backgrounds.
  • Effective: Results are steady and when done properly, permanent.  EFT is highly effective, when done properly. Yes there are some troubleshooting techniques to learn, which can greatly enhance your results.
  • Inexpensive: no costly machines or expensive pills or extensive training.  This is news to everyone’s ears! Sometimes private sessions are required, but overall this is an affordable modality.
  • Self-empowering: You can do this technique on yourself and don’t have to be ‘handcuffed’ to a professional to do it for you.
  • Versatile: able to handle more simple issues and well as complex. You can use EFT on every area of your life that you seek improvement in: health and food issues, relationships, business, with your children, performance issues, etc.

And lastly its fun!

We can use EFT in a playful and humorous way (if we chose) while removing the resistance, and it is just as effective and sometimes more! EFT is an amazing modality… with thorough training it can be one of your favourite tools too.

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AnaMaria Herrera, EFT Practitioner, also known as Agent EFT specializes in assisting her clients reach their personal and professional goals with greater ease using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. She is the creator of the got EFT?(tm) Series of educational products teaching Emotional Freedom Technique to laypersons and EFT Practitioners. Check out her free e-course: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made with EFT:

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