Is This Happening To You?

The Two Phases Of Disease show us that disease is not a mistake but instead it’s the ultra-cool way in how the brain and body communicate.   This applies to relationships, chronic disease, eating disorders and much more.

Once you realign your thinking it completely changes how you view your disease enabling you to become free of it. Most symptoms arrive during the second phase, even mood swings, which shows your body has already undergone the stress phase identifiable through; erratic eating / sleep patterns, raised blood pressure, obsessive thinking. The META-Medicine model is a great way of determining whereabouts you are in that process at any one time.

And if symptoms are coming and going it’s indicative that whatever introduced the condition into your system in the first place needs addressing, but it’s always traceable, as long as you’re willing to play and it’s far more gentle than what you’re probably putting up with at the moment.

I’d liken the process to this wonderful analogy; when you get the decorators in your home get’s completely disrupted, but once the work is done, it looks and feels amazing.

There Are Two Phases During The Disease Process

Is This Happening To You
Chronic Disease As It Weaves In And Out Of The Two Phases

There are two phases to disease as already mentioned and a simple example can be seen when you shake someone’s hand (in a greeting). 

If their hand is cold and clammy they are likely to be in the first phase of stress, if it’s very warm they are probably in the second phase of having symptoms which is the parasympathetic phase of healing. If it’s neither then they’re probably not in either, although just to add a further challenge we do go in and out of the phases quite naturally during the day (awake) and at night (asleep).

So have you?

Just started having newly diagnosed symptoms?
Been suffering for years with a chronic disease that comes and goes?
Received a medical diagnosis for a serious illness?

And Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Why your chronic symptoms never completely disappear?
  • You can’t seem to shift an ongoing medical condition with or without medication?
  • What more you can do to get free of your serious disease symptoms?
  • Why after years of following the recommended advice you’re still suffering?
  • If you’ll ever get back to normal
  • About the impact your illness is having on your nearest and dearest?
  • When you’ll stop being sick?

Are Other Areas Of Your Life Being Affected?

  • Perhaps your relationships are being impacted?
  • Do you blame other people when it’s not their fault?
  • Are you gaining weight but unsure why?
  • Maybe you turn to food for comfort?
  • Is your partner married to you and your disease?
  • Do your children suffer from you not being more active?
  • Are your work colleagues having to pick up the extra work-load when you can’t manage?
  • Does your weight fluctuate, even though your diet doesn’t?
  • Have you tried every eating plan (known to man) without making any proper inroads?
  • Do you wonder if your body will ever return to an average size?

In the first phase you are symptom-free but stressed whereas during the second phase you’ll experience symptoms again.

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