Its all about Confidence …

Confidence is King What is it that affects self-confidence and is it a constant or is it that in some situations you are very confident, for example spending time with good friends and family.  What is it about other situations that prevents you from relaxing and just being ‘yourself’.  Is that about perceived expectation (theirs […]


There’s a lot of talk these days about manifestation, and being careful about what you wish for. There is a part of the brain called the reticular activating system, whose job it is to notice and raise it’s awareness. I’m sure you’ve heard examples of choosing your next model of car, where as soon as […]


The fear of presentation and public speaking is also known as Glossophobia, or Stage Fright.  It’s the largest phobia believed to affect around 75% of the population.   It affects people from all walks of life, who may use all sorts of tactics to avoid it, yet it’s such a handy thing to feel confident around.  […]

What Is Confidence

What is confidence and its importance is one of the keys in how we go about life, the way we interact with others, our appreciation of others alongside our willingness to embrace it’s bravery. I have a niece who was always confident in herself, she speaks up and sometimes it gets her into scrapes. I […]