Appendicitis is often perceived as a childhood condition and I remember as a child where the adults implied it was a condition you wanted to get through as a child rather than later. That said I don’t know anyone in my family who ever had appendicitis. Appendicitis Pain According to the Merck Manual the appendix […]

The META-Healing Process

Okay you may be saying to yourself, not another technique that no-one’s heard of, another of those techniques that are raved about within the practitioner field, you know the one where everyone who works in that area knows about it, but no-one else in the real world has a clue what it is, how it […]

The Process Of META-Healing

Last time we looked at the susceptibility of the human condition and the importance of giving yourself up to the process, without which there is no help out there, because we are not automatons and have to give our consent. We were looking at this specifically in relation to The META-Healing Process (M.H.P.). Because you […]

How Disease Works

According to META-Medicine there are Two Phases Of Disease and this wonderful diagram (courtesy of Suzanne Boyd) below illustrates them perfectly. META-Medicine’s Two Phases Of Disease UDIN Moment The UDIN shows us how the whole disease process begins in the first place. It starts with a trauma small, medium or large as it hits the respective part […]

META-Medicine’s Take On Disease

I wrote this over a year ago when I had just started the online META-Medicine Training with Richard Flook and never got round to printing it, but thought I would today, because: a. it’s helpful to see where I was at then, in regards to having very little knowledge about what META-Medicine had to offer […]