Richard Flook’s Black Friday Giveaways

Richard Flook using The META-Healing Process on Chronic Neck Pain As you may know by now by I’m a big fan of META-Medicine and the META-Healing Process, you only have to look at the posts this year to get a sense of that but today I want to share some exciting information with you. In […]

Medical Condition

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow-practitioner (written Sept 2011) where we were in discussion over a client that had come to our mutual attention.  This person refuses to visit the doctor in order to identify her symptoms and obtain a medical diagnosis. Is A Medical Diagnosis Important To You? It brought to mind […]

What is META-Medicine?

META-Medicine background? META-Medicine has taken the work of various doctors who’ve mapped the brain and made a blueprint of how the brain is connected to the body’s organs. Penrose This neuroscientist carried out a variety of experiements during his illustrious career where during the 1950’s he could work the nerves responsible for the hands and […]

IMMA Conference 2011

Conference in Estonia The annual IMMA Conference 2011 in Estonia ran from 12-15 May and was broken down into 2 components. The first part was the META-Medicine Advanced Training leg of the conference and this took place on the 12-13 May. The emphasis given was as the first International Integrative Medicine Conference in Estonia, and […]

Vacation Leave

It’s that time of year you know the one you’ve been longing for, vacation leave, the beach is beckoning, the excitement mounting! Sometimes you plan to go away, sometimes you stay home, catching up on those chores around the house. Sometimes as the prospective holiday draws near you gain a second wind of renewed energy […]