Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I was really interested to watch Jon Richardson (Twitter handle @ronjichardson) … 🙂 … on Channel-4 last night, because it featured him tracking meeting with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) sufferers (and family members) in a quest to compare his ‘quirky’ behaviours with those already diagnosed, in order to determine whether he too has the condition, […]

Mood Swings

Have you ever had that feeling … the one where you feel stuck and despite yourself its not possible to do very much at all. This can result in mood swings if that is our pattern. I had a UDIN moment of my own this last weekend … its a good demonstration of what a […]

Sad people

According to a report on Yahoo last week, sad people live longer!  Can it be true that despite all we hear in the media about making the effort to develop a happier, healthier life, that it would actually be working against our best interests in the long term?  Being sad and feeling sad thoughts? The […]

Natural Mood Stabilizers

As a follow up to a posting last time, I came across this article about natural mood stabilizers, called Natural Anti-Depressants by Bethany Jordan, an Information Technology professional and aspiring writer, who was clinically diagnosed with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) in 2007.  She is offering advice on the 4-best known Natural Anti-Depressants, which helps us […]

Long Term Depression

Is Depression a sign of the times we live in, is there more of it now, or is it being diagnosed more easily due to better information?  Check out this YouTube clip of Kevin and Perry an extract from Harry Enfield’s show. We all recognize the stance of an adolescent as slumped with head lowered […]