You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Remember that golden-oldie, but does your life-partner never seem to hear a word you say?  Or you them? Often in partnerships, especially loving ones, the boundaries can become blurred. Loved ones can make the classic error of thinking they know what you want, even what you think, about any subject that arises for discussion and […]

I blame the parents

Blaming others Have you heard that saying … ‘I blame the parents’ … I imagine we all have. What does it mean though … when does a child’s action cease being the parents responsibility and start becoming the child’s?  Interesting question. Lyndsay Lohan Lets take Lyndsay Lohan … although she’s not your average person, a […]

Blaming Others

When you think about blaming others are you missing the point? What point you may say! The point is the learning.  And learning is some of what life is about. Take me for example, I’ve always been what you might call a perpetual student, and love learning, and especially since I began learning these great […]

The Valentine Blues

Valentine’s Day is here Its Valentine’s Day and I found a short poem signed simply Bob … I Want to be Your Valentine Oh precious oh precious please be mine I want to be your Valentine I’ll do anything to be your rose I want to be the Valentine you chose Hold my hand and […]

Blame it on the Boogie

Blaming What is it about ‘blaming’ that helps us feel more justified about being right?  But does it help to blame others when ultimately it leaves us feeling flat?  Why is it so much easier to resort to blaming others instead of looking a bit closer at what’s really going on?  We’ve all been guilty […]