Stress And Anxiety

According to the Merck Medical Manual: Anxiety is a normal response to a threat or to psychologic stress and is experienced occasionally by everyone. Normal anxiety has its roots in fear and serves an important survival function. However, where the anxiety symptoms persist and become long-term then it is considered to be a disorder. This […]

Chronic Stress

Is your life more like an upward spiralling or a downward spiralling staircase?   If you feel it’s downward spiralling then you’re in the right place, because believe it or not, your current situation is not your fault and one of the first things I want to say is but it really is okay to stop […]

Stressful times

Time marches on Stress builds and when we buy into leading a stressful life we may well find time factors and deadlines are often at the heart of not feeling there are enough hours in the day.  So where does it go (this TIME thing)?  🙂 …  And is it true there is no such […]

What causes disease?

Stress lies behind most disease Bruce Lipton the Cellular Biologist was one of the contributing scientists, having studied cells long and hard from the 1980’s and involved in Stem Cell Research at Harvard he knows a thing-or-two. He discovered that cells and there subsequent behaviour are NOT determined by some pre-determined genetics, and here’s the […]

Addictive Behaviours

Characterized by changes in the brain which result in a compulsive desire to use a drug.  A combination of many factors including genetics, environment and behavior influence a person's addiction risk, making it an incredibly complicated disease.   The new science of addiction considers all of these factors – from biology to family – to […]